Port Arthur Coverup

Port Arthur Videos Exposing Government Coverup

A series of videos compiled by www.sosnews.org we have selected as evidence to the people of Australia that the Port Arthur shooting was not cut and dried as your government would have we the people believe. To suggest mentally challenged   Martin Bryant with very low IQ, and the intellect of a nine year old child […]Read More »

Australian Government Port Arthur cover-up evidence expanding

“Justice” In The Lucky Country – The Port Arthur Massacre By Dee McLachlan – gumshoenews.com The 10 minute video above is the start of a series from Gumshoe News on false flags and other crimes. This one is on Port Arthur. [Much of the video is sourced from Channel 7’s Mike Willesee series that damned […]Read More »

Senator’s report reveals prior knowledge of Port Arthur incident

Parry must break silence on post-massacre report A senator has refused to comment about allegations he had prior knowledge of the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 when 35 innocent people were killed in a precision shooting operation. Another 23 men, women and children were wounded by a trained and methodical gunman with long blond hair. […]Read More »

SOS-NEWS Port Arthur inquiry widens

For over a decade our investigators continue turning over rocks under which government rely on to cover facts under the guise of conspiracy theory maintaining guilt of Martin Bryant conducting the April 1996 mass shootings in Tasmania. Like DNA opening old and cold police cases investigation to reveal new evidence, technology also is revealing new […]Read More »

Demand a Coronial Inquiry into Port Arthur

FORMER PRIME MINISTER JOHN HOWARD AND FORMER ARMY OFFICER, DEPUTY PM JOHN ANDERSON AND ANTI-GUN NUTTER ROLAND BROWNE SHOULD BE PUT ON TRIAL FOR TERRORISM The Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania on 28th April 1996 – the aftermath – the disarming of the nation and the destruction of those arms. The imprisonment without trial of […]Read More »

Port Arthur Anniversary Uncovered

animbookCairnsnews has been researching the Port Arthur massacre since it happened. The research team has come to the conclusion that without any doubt whatsoever Martin Bryant shot nobody on this day 20 years ago. Therefore who did the shooting and more importantly who was behind it? All fingers point towards a false flag event orchestrated by government. Why would […]Read More »

Senator Parry refuses to explain incriminating words about Port Arthur Massacre

sen-stephen-parry-tas“Wish I Knew How To be Free”   is this great song of Martin Bryant’s false incarceration from CHERRI BONNEY – (BONNEYBUSHTAYLOR Productions). An update from Dr Keith Noble on his Port Arthur campaign 18 Feb 2016  NOT PRIVATE; NO COPYRIGHT NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION COPY / FORWARD / LINK WEBSITE FREELY Dear READERS, Many thanks […]Read More »

$20,000 Reward for Martin Bryant Evidence

reward-poster-martin-bryantAs the net of evidence closes fast around the perpetrators of this travesty of justice, the agenda of John Howard’s government behind the Port Arthur killings in Tasmania, will far over shadow any Nixon Watergate. Secrets only remain strong to the weakest link. Those links now are drawing similar comparisons to Port Arthur from evidence […]Read More »


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