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Noeline Franklin is a scientist from a  family with 160 year association with the Snowy much of that time raising sheep cattle and horses while participating actively in many aspects of farming fencing, stock husbandry, purchase of sires, weed and pest animal control, pasture management etc.

Formal education at the Universities of New England Armidale, and Medical School at Newcastle obtaining B Sc (Hons) PTC M Med Sc. She worked for the divisions of Animal Health & Animal Production CSIRO for 16 years agricultural research into development of the immune system & livestock vaccine production in sheep, dairy and feedlot beef cattle.

Having been a Director on the Yass RLPB board for some years, Noeline has the background that covers most of the problems facing farmers in current times, never afraid to speak out, but always feared to be interviewed for fear of a true story in lieu of the media controlled platforms constructed to confuse and mislead the people.

After years of research to be rejected or restained with interviews and publishing papers to inform people both as a scientist and my farming experience and other platforms, Noeline has associated with SOS-NEWS who do publish facts and castigate fiction for which and appreciates being part of the team.

Backs to the wall, there now is an army of resistance emerging from the once passive rural families who have now – “Had Enough”- now arming themselves with factual information to overturn the academic engineered fiction that is being presented to government in support of unworkable legislation designed it would seem to remove families from farming in Australia.

As decades of false science now revealing it’s devastating impact on our environment, food security and bio-diversity, Noeline is exposing these taxpayer funded agendas, costing BILLION’$ each year, with serious researched irrefutable evidence that will cause panic defence ant any cost from those involved in this programed destruction of Australia.

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But has it? – Who are challenging the vested interests? – Clandestine Ministerial advisory committees The American Sierra Club was formed in 1892 political lobby group to expand the bushwalking academics empire across America based on this mythical being of John Muirs so called wilderness, purposely dehabited of Indians, farmers, foresters, fishing communities. Antarctica of […]Read More »


Rob Gibbs National Parks NSWIt has been reported bushwalkers appear to have frightened a Brumby to run through a rabbit warren. Several witness statements allege the bushwalkers were acting hostilely towards the heritage horses in the Tantangara Blue Water Hole area about the time the horse appeared with a broken leg. Park staff involved with Brumby trapping, were approached […]Read More »

Another 93 Brumbies Sent For Slaughter by NSW Government

Parks loading Brumbies – Note the yellow electric shock stick in right hand of man … The Snowy People are disgusted with their staff that are meant to be acting in the best interests of their public land and national assets. From the NSW Victorian ACT Federal Ministers down to field staff they have Brumby […]Read More »


After 175 years of returning big animal activity to the Australian high country ecology with success, stockmen are seeing some justice and equality in participating in genuine “peer reviewed science” objectivity and impartiality in returning big animals to the Wonnangatta Station and valley after 26 years of vegetation abandonment and neglect. The experiment is to […]Read More »


The forests of America have been saved in good faith or not from the ravages of traditional cool fire, grazing animals, natural fires and forestry thinning the stands since at least 1910 in some cases if not back into the 1870s has been the policy of those European migrants wanting to put the brakes on […]Read More »

SOS-NEWS Anzac Podcast 25th April 2013

25th April 2013– Mal Davies introduces a report from Noeline Franklin on the Australian Brumby, it’s contribution to World WarI, development of the nation, to the environment and biodiversity that under engineered fiction are being exterminated as a pest animal rather than a mega fauna of today keeping the public land eco flowing. [display_podcast] byRead More »

$200M NSW Farmers Asset Grab by Government To Control

23rd February 2013– Mal Davies speaks to NSW farmer & Scientist Noeline Franklin as farmers now have had enough. They are being culled from their land management organisation by a cash strapped government who have installed an agenda driven well stacked committee to harvest $200 million cash and assets farmers have controlled for over 100 […]Read More »

Canberra Fire Ready to Go Again in this Exclusive Interview

mal-gaggedSOS-NEWS presenter Mal Davies speaks with Brindabella farmer, and very qualified scientist Noeline Franklin, who stems from over a hundred years of family experience on the Snowy Mountain. She delivers a factual 2003 and now 2013 bushfire report officials and government thought silenced under their media control blanket we do not subscribe to. [display_podcast] byRead More »

Scientist Noeline Franklin Reviews Murray Darling Report

Noeline Franklin, BSC (Hon), M.Medsc, PTC, 16 Years a scientist with the CSIRO then returning to her farm in the Snowy, settled in the high country by her forefathers, speaks from a factual background never visited by political funded fictional academics to maintain their government cash cow. To hear these interviews use the green controls […]Read More »


Many predict the ETS currently traumatising Parliament is another elaborate global tax to suppress the people of the world and siphon more riches into the pockets of the rich. Another smoke and mirrors cungering trick more guerrilla warfare on the pretext “for the good of the environment.” Wilson Tuckey portrayed as a feral Liberal Backbencher […]Read More »

Bushfire Control Interview Noeline Franklin's had with RFS

Noeline Pushes RFS To Reduce Snowy Fuel Load NOW !   June 15th 2009 – With ground fuel loads at record levels and the Victorian Bushfire inferno as a demonstration to the devestation massive fuel loads create, Mal interviews scientist and farmer Noeline Franklin who conducted a presentation to RFS officals at Brindabella Fire Station […]Read More »


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