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Peter Spencer takes property rights of Australians back to court

Today Monday 27 February starting at 9.30am  till Thursday 2nd March is Peter Spencer’s appeal before 3 judges. At stake are the property rights for all Australians. Tomorrow starts 9.30 as an interlocutory in court 21B of the Federal Court of Australia, Queens square. It is close to Martin Place and St James stations. We need […]Read More »

Peter Spencer appeal hearing: before Federal Court Tuesday, February 16

Peter SpencerThis is the last train out of Hopesville for property rights Peter Spencer Peter Spencer has been granted a hearing to his interlocutory application by the appeals unit before Justice Griffiths, Tuesday, 16 February 2016 at 9.30am in theFederal Court of Australia  NSW Division 184 Phillip Street, Sydney. During this last week, Peter had an accident […]Read More »

Peter Spencer Launches Appeal

Hi every one, The actual Appeals hearing will either be commencing in March or May next year. The Appeals are heard at 2 periods. As you can see lots to do between now and then. I will probably seek May as Christmas late Dec and all of Jan are unproductive from the legal fraternity’s perspective. […]Read More »

Katter Supports Spencer- "Who Owns The Land"

Bob Katter has flown into Sydney to support the property rights activist, who was hospitalized in 2010 after a 52 day hunger strike up a wind tower on his property near Comma, New South Wales. Mr Spencer’s case is currently before the Federal Court in Sydney, where he is suing the Commonwealth and State Governments […]Read More »

Alan Jones opening speech Canberra Property Rights rally

Media hype coupled to Greens, Government, and  bureaucracy  spin placed on the recent rural shooting near Moree NSW compounds this tragedy by reflecting bias information to a time bomb still ticking. There is no excuse for loss of a human life, there is however room to offer what farmers in NSW are confronted with under […]Read More »

Peter Spencer's Fight for Aussie Farmers In Limbo over Funding problem

ABC News: Funding for the Peter Spencer court case appears to be in limbo and possibly could be cut. Farmer Peter Spencer made the headlines when he sat up a pole on his property on a hunger strike for 52 days in 2009. He was protesting over his over his right to clear native vegetation […]Read More »

Spencer Case Judge Admits No Understanding Of High Court Ruling

Federal Court Judge in Spencer -vs- The Commonwealth admits total ignorance of High Court Decision Unbelievable development with Peter Spencer’s court hearing when a non related matter in Sydney on this Thursday 3rd Feb 2011, he made a statement to the court that amazed all in attendance … listen to Peter explain… byRead More »

Spencer Just Terms Battle-Flares in Kimberley's Mt Hart

From Tower of Hope-to Mountain of Courage Peter Spencer sat atop his tower of hope, not so much for himself as has often be portrayed, but for this Nation and its trodden peoples. Farmers, country businesses, irrigators and land owners (holders) , all who have been raped and pillaged by their own elected representatives, so […]Read More »


BARRISTER PETER KING EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH SOS-NEWS 15th SEPTEMBER 2010 HEAR HOW Peter Spencer is now clear to take the fight to the government as Barrister PETER KING relates the win at the High Court to Mal Davies that has paved the way for Peter Spencer to take his claim of land and carbon theft […]Read More »

Peter Spencer Interviewed After High Court Hearing

Around 50 people attended the Canberra High Court sitting of the full bench to hear the case presented by Peter Spencer’s counsel Peter King After changing the court hearing time slot three times to confuse it would seem, the decision from the bench was for Peter King to submit papers concerning the Federal Courts hearing […]Read More »


<Casio RSM Club – Saturday 19th June 7pm – Tower Of Hope Rally with Peter Spencer > <Bangalow Green Meet – Sunday 20 June 1pm – Information Afternoon with Peter Spencer > <South Port CWA Rooms- Monday 21st June 7pm – Tower Of Hope Rally with Peter Spencer > <Toowoomba (Venue TBA)- Wednesday 23rd June […]Read More »


DAVID -V- GOLIATH AS GOVERNMENT SPEND TAX-DOLLARS ON LAWYERS TO CONTINUE TAKING AWAY YOUR RIGHTS Closing in of weather and cyclones hitting Queensland placed Peter Spencer’s tour on hold. With his property rights fight now turning to the High Court in Canberra at 2pm on Wednesday 16th June then Thursday 17th June at 10.15am Peter […]Read More »

Peter Spence Rally Information

Peter Spencer on his “Tower Of Hope” rally tour brings to the people his dedicated research and passion exposing government land theft from farmers and the carbon claimed from land owners to pay KYOTO while not paying any compensation under land acquisition legislation. After 52 days aloft the Tower on his now repossessed farm he […]Read More »


With the wrath of Australian now boiling over Prime Minister Rudd’s arrogance and ignoring of Peter Spencer’s exposure of his government, and previous Liberal government land and carbon theft from farmers, is not only knocking on the doors of parliament from an army of concerned voters, the anger is banging on all polling booths. Tuesday […]Read More »

Spencer's Sun Shall Shine

Spencer & Rampant Environmentalism Succinctly Put It does not answer the assertion that government acts in the national interest. That is precisely what is the issue. If it’s in the national interest for the government to take people’s property without their consent, in breach of the law by threatening them with force, then presumably armed […]Read More »

Spencer Retracted

Nail Me to a Cross For I Shall Die so others Only Bleed For those of you who follow us closely, you will have noted that this story momentarily disappeared. This was done in response to a complaint received from parts of the Spencer family in respect to the story and its reference to those […]Read More »

Spencer fights for us All

Spencer Starves as Rudd Watches Cricket Rudd’s UN Resume’ Was it a recurrence of the 1985 farmer’s 45,000 strong march on parliament house, no it wasn’t, but it should have been. But then again, when the low down despicable scum that have permeated the halls of bureaucracy have the alleged temerity to exercise an abuse […]Read More »

Spencer Takes Canberra by Storm

Canberra rally supporting Peter Spencer who is today in his 44th of a hunger strike to get the Australian Prime Minister to conduct a Royal Commission into government theft of farmers land and carbon credits used to support the KYOTO level. Over 500 people assembled outside Parliament House, opening speech was by Peters “Tower Of […]Read More »

Rudd Thinks, "The sooner Peter Spencer's Dead the Better"

The Last Post – The Last Rites – The Last Australian How dare Kevin Rudd espouse his lies and untruths to the people, his Masters. It is an offence to mislead Parliament, yet NO! offence, to mislead an entire Nation, in this case, the Nation of Australia. When the most disingenuous leader this nation has […]Read More »


The first Australian family lives to be destroyed by the Commonwealth Government of Australia Global Warming Policy. For the latest update and information about Peter Spencer’s hunger Strike visit our main site – Peter Spencer Hunger Strike Now Sunday 20th December …DAY 28 Download this ‘HUNGER STRIKE” poster in pdf, this will print from […]Read More »

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