Minister takes on National Parks Spin Doctor

It appears that Fireball Phil Koperberg, NSW Minister for Environment, and his BOSS the good Doctor Tony Fleming, CEO of National Parks, finally have a fight on there hands,

This despicable duo want road access to the NSW South Coast, Meroo, and Termeil lakes closed (lock out’s) to we the people.

 NSW DPI Minister Ian McDonald But at long last Minister Ian McDonald (pictured), Department of Primary Industry, has said ENOUGH and want’s the public to forward their submissions of objection to this planned public lockout.

The Dr Fleming/Koperberg submission states that the green tree frog, and the inavise calerpa texafolia (a noxious weed) are a danger to both lakes.

What they don’t realise is that the real people have looked at this issue and the salt content in both lakes is too low for the weed to grow, and frogs cannot live in salt water.

This does pose a question as to why Fleming makes such a misleading analysis of frogs and weed that cannot survive in the subject lakes. GREEN AGENDA is that the reason or is this person just incapable of being the CEO of and environmental department.  What do you think?

Dr Tony Fleming - NSW National Parks CEOBoth lakes lie in NSW National Parks and Meroo lake is recreational fishing haven, which lake Termeil is not.

 With the Spin Doctor Fleming (pictured), again being caught out, this is a battle that has truth on the people side, with Minister McDonald taking the bit in his mouth and is running with the people.

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