Our Snowy Heritage Horses “Brumbies” Set for Extinction


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The urgency is that NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, in their typical fashion, have organised some “information sessions” (note not public meetings, not open forums with the opportunity to debate the issue) at very short notice to the public, obviously so no one will turn up. Just look at the days and the timing.

The details are-

Jindabyne NPWS Office 3.30pm- 6.30pm Monday, 26 November 2007

Queanbeyan Country Comfort Inn Airport 3.30pm-6.30pm Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Tumut CWA Hall 3.30pm-6.30pm Tuesday, 4 December 2007

We want as many people as possible to attend these meetings and make sure that NPWS formally records their NO VOTE to the Horse Management Plan as presented.

Our last hope is “PEOPLE POWER” to stop this madness.

26 November 2007 – MEDIA RELEASE

Last week National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) placed their Horse Management Plan Draft (HMP) for Kosciuszko National Park (KNP) on public exhibition.

Our review confirms that this plan is extremely biased in its presentation and we highlight that it fails to mention-

    The cultural heritage value of the Snowy Brumby
  • The Brumbies legendary and iconic status in the eyes of the Australian public
  • That these Brumbies are the descendants of a large contingent of horses that were shipped overseas and faithfully served our troops in the Sudan Campaign, Boer War, Great War and second World War and were never allowed to return
  • The Brumbies tourism value and subsequent contribution to the economy
  • The positive benefits of the Brumby grazing native grasses, the resultant fuel load reduction and sweeter grass for all wildlife

Other critical deficiencies exposed in the plan are-

  1. Failure to provide analysis of and weighting to the major threats to the environment within the park. We contend that any alleged horse impact would not be of a serious or irreversible detrimental nature. At worst any impact would be temporary and short term and would pale into insignificance when compared to the long term impacts of bushfires, predator feral animals, weeds, roads, dams, powerlines, ski resort development and natural occurrences such as snow, ice, rain, flood, wind, earthquakes/ tremors etc.
  2. Failure to provide the actual number of Brumbies to be culled
  3. Lack of any analysis as to what would be the conservative maximum number of Brumbies the park could sustain
  4. Likewise the minimum number required to remain genetically viable and to cover contingencies such as the 2003 bushfires which destroyed 50% of the Brumby population in the southern end of the park
  5. Failure to provide a cost/benefit analysis or details as to whether or not the money could be more effectively spent elsewhere to protect the park
  6. A number of the photographs provided in the plan to suggest Brumby impact are highly suspect and we are seeking more information from NPWS
  7. Fails to provide a mechanism to facilitate full and proper public debate

For NPWS to suggest that our brumby be treated in the same manner as any other vertebrate pest program (eg wild dogs, pigs, foxes, cats etc) is beyond comprehension. It certainly shows the mind set within NPWS and their lack of “feeling” for the protection of our heritage.

NPWS fails to understand that our heritage belongs to all Australians and that the people have not given them a mandate to destroy it.

On this issue we appeal to NPWS to stop, step back and listen to the people.

If you wish to lodge and objection to this government pre-conceived sham of a closed door public Draft Horse Management Plan,
then lodge your NO vote on the form provided by the Snowy Mountains BUGS Group, downloading HERE,
and mailing it back to Clive Edwards by the 14th December 2007 for presentation.

Direct mailing to the enclosed government address on the top of the document will attract
their dead letter office, or one of their shredding machines.

SMBUG does not support or endorse this Plan as presented.

Clive Edwards, President

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