Mt Hart Opens WA Liberal Closet Door

As Parliamentarians Speak Out – Skeletons Astart Rattlin in the Closet Darkness

John Ford, the local Member of Parliament for Mining and Pastoral region has sailed into the fray head on where the Department of Environment and Conservation [DEC] in Western Australia are still on the march against Iconic Kimberleys’ Mt Hart Station operator Taffy Abbotts who has his life’s efforts under siege.

Listen to John Ford state Taffy’s case from his perspective as a local member and what he thinks of MP Marmion’s inadequacies.

As the Wet season’s Rains thunder down isolating Taffy and Kim to the immediate Station for weeks at a time, DEC retains an apparent recalcitrant attitude towards their responsibilities and obligations towards Taffy’s 20 years of blood sweat and tears.

Having rebuilt this derelict Mt Hart Cattle station into an Internationally revered place to visit and soak up real Australian western north outback, DEC wants to steal this life’s effort and hand it to the big end of tourism town. Hand it to them with little recompense [Just Terms as Peter Spencer of the Tower of Hope would say] for the financial and physical effort of Taffy’s, a 20 year slaving which allows them to offer this, his work, to others for huge commercial gain.

Taffy accepts that DEC have the right to offer the property and business concern at lease’s end, but also knows as does DEC, that fair reward and just terms is an inalienable right for Taffy and an absolute obligation for DEC on such a partnership ending. A right enshrined in both contractual obligation and verbally binding agreements.

DEC want to steal Taffy’s efforts, his goodwill, and his soul for a pittance on one hand and whilst on the other, offer those very same immensely valuable commercial assets and efforts to others with brimming pockets of cash, to the highest bidder. This is gross theft in any lay terms and as it is gross theft by a WA Government Department against one whose very efforts have given great service to the public and great kudoss to this very autonomous department.

In simple terms, it is the silent partner stabbing the working partner in the back fatally, when that worker has toiled to a point it is profitable for the silent worker to depose their toiling partner and retain all the profits for themselves.

Not this time DEC. As we at SOS-NEWS delve into this story, we find there are many, many skeletons in your official closets of dictatorial management that not only just astound us here at the news desk, but bloody well disgust us. Show us and the wider Australian community that these skeletons are a thing of the past and the new WA Liberal Government of Premier Colin Barnetts’ is one that intends not to harbour another skeleton,Taffy’s skeleton, for it will not be in a closet if you do.

“Just Terms” in this Country Australia is not up for Negotiation, it is an enshrined right.

Head on out to the Kimberleys [by clicking here] and see and read about the Gibb River Rd IconTaffy for yourself and join in the battle for justice by being informed and making your mark.

Brumbyy (With 2 Ys)

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