Spencer Just Terms Battle-Flares in Kimberley’s Mt Hart

From Tower of Hope-to Mountain of Courage
Peter Spencer sat atop his tower of hope, not so much for himself as has often be portrayed, but for this Nation and its trodden peoples. Farmers, country businesses, irrigators and land owners (holders) , all who have been raped and pillaged by their own elected representatives, so as to satisfy either corporate greed, or Political Agenda.

Regardless of the cause, those soul and life rapists never consider for a moment, nor care, of the catastrophic destruction to life, history, culture and to entire family unit’s well being, let alone the directly caused suicides happening daily.

Well, again a Government of Australia, this time the newly formed Western Australian State Government headed by an often revered Premier, Premier Barnett, through his DEC (Department of Conservation & Environment) is destroying decades of effort, a life time’s family wealth, a generational existence and in so doing, says callously, take $200,00K and bugger off, your efforts, your work and your life’s expectations, are ours. Taffy & Kim Abbotts, accept now, or we’ll take even this pitiful offer from the table.

People who have strived for decades against wind, rain and drought; been an integral part of building this nation to greatness, to only end up being eviscerated by greed, spurious legislation and self serving city centric politics mostly driven by and fueled from, insidious corporate desire and bureaucratical intransigence.

A new government takes power, a government that is supposed to recognise and reward effort and selfless duty, yet already it appears Premier Barnett and his government, are out kicking the little bloke in the face with sand.

Imagine, [and sadly, 60% of Australians do not have the life experience to even consider such imaginings] living 240 Kilometres from the nearest town. Amongst the dust and the flies, the bush and the isolation, the dry and intense wets. Spending 20 years slaving, building with your own hands, sweat and tears, a remote tourist business that provides exactly what we as a Nation proudly sell to the globe’s tourists as Australia; imagine too, a government suddenly standing at your door and saying, “Well done, now here’s a wall plague and a few food coupons, we are taking over, clear out.”

This is exactly what the Western Australian Government is doing to Taffy and Kim Abbotts of the reconstituted Mt Hart, Kimberley Cattle station. Millions of square miles of country across the Kimberleys and the Western Australian DEC want to STEAL two people’s lives, their heritage and their future’s well being. Yep! steal out from under them a $2million dollar investment for a paltry $200,000.

Taffy Abbotts is the Peter Spencer of the North and like Peter Spencer, he is fighting for almost identical recognition of fact. Of theft and most importantly, of the unconstitutional lack of just terms appropriation, by a Government that sees such blatant theft, as right of passage political dictatorship bestows.

Taffy and Kim Abbotts are true blue Aussies and this nation is once again seeing what morally corrupt people in power, are all about all, over this Nation.

The following is their own expose which I gladly use, because I could not do any more justice to your introduction to this new battle in the continuing war for Australia, than Kim & Taffy have so succinctly put here.

This War has just begun, click here on the Eureka, or outback coin pics and see why more Political blood will be spilt before this one is over unless Premier Barnett steps in and boots backsides, fast and settles this matter, not just with dignity, but with Constitutuional and Moral, “JUST TERMS”.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)

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