Australia Is Just AN ACN Number

Australia SoldAs the Corporate colonisation of rural Australia gains ever increasing momentum, there is a need for us all to consider what this may possibly mean for our, and our children’s futures. 

With a world moving forward at an alarming pace of unfettered free trade, removing any and all barriers to a Nation’s sovereignty, the global financial corporations are exponentially absorbing the real wealth of the world into their portfolios, land.  Mineral and hydro-carbon exploitation has reached the point of envisaged saturation and what’s left of these 20th century billionaire making commodities, is only within the grasp of the major global corporations. 

The global corporate gurus have been working furiously over the last few decades to indoctrinate the masses, direct and control the world’s environmental movements and manage western governmental legislation into a position that situates the elite at the sales counter of the shit creek paddle shop department of, screwed over landholders, manufacturers and intellectual rights owners selling out here. 

Australia is a perfect show case of the efficiency of this global movement, with the frosted window into the machinations of global corporate colonisation starting to quickly demist. 

So what is it about corporate colonisation that we should all be aware of, city and rural folk alike, and decide as a collective of once democratically free people if we really want to live under a one-world corporate governance? The answer to this question is only one that you all as individuals can make, but you can only make it while you still have the right to make your mark at a polling booth on election days as they are presented, for we seem to have lost the will to protest enmass and speak out in colloquial terms.  She’ll be right Jack, or I’m o/k Jack, well you are bloody well not.  

The future wealth of the world’s elite will orbit around energy, food, water and trading in CO2, with the latter being the bogeyman of the present, but in reality a smoke screen to not only cover the legions of the wealthy financial elite’s advance, but to generate trillions from the public purse to finance the advance.  The very people who own the purse are funding their own social demise.  You and me. 

Australia is seeing an unprecedented buy up and projected buy up of vast rural holdings, not from the current rural farming stock, people with experience and patriotism, but from within the financial market places, both here and internationally. 

Our Major abattoirs are partially foreign owned.  There’s a story here that we will do as a special. 

The new players on the field across the board in many instances are at the very least, foreign backed. The money is coming out of the disposable investment funds of the wealthy, people that have no link, nor interest in the land, other than the dividend that may accrue each financial year, or at the stock exchange trade. 

The corporate managers are financial traders, not farmers.  They are businessmen and lawyers that see that much wealth is able to be amassed from a corporate farming scheme that controls all, from the paddock to the plate, whilst steering the legislative imposts.  The Woolworth’s effect if you like. 

Economies of scale are being force driven by the global funds of the elite moving about the world feeding from the hard work of the last 100 years of the citizens of nations that have had their borders, tariffs and barrier protections breached and their sovereignty watered down to the point that it is almost non-existent. 

This is socialism when you are not having socialism and is a very short-lived process of colonialism that can only end in disaster.  Just take a look at Europe and ask the masses of unemployed, lower paid, if they really enjoy their no border control, one world euro change.  Ask our own Australian factory workers how living on the dole, or part time work satisfies their needs to see their children fed and educated while China and the like provides slave labour to international corporate pariah manufacturing. 

With water being fought over at every level of society in Australia today, it is only time that stands between God’s nectar being free and corporate ownership of the rain, with even now, State Governments paying market prices with our tax dollars for water to be delivered to the environment at the expense of the health and well being of its very citizens.  One might wish to research the corporatised entity, “Sydney Water” and see literally just who owns the rain that falls on the suburban home roof. 

From Macquarie Bank to the about to be floated PrimeAg rural behometh, financial elite corporate farmers are buying out rural Australia, the future of this Nation is being written in paddocks, paddocks of hundreds of thousands of hectares per paddock.  Surprise, surprise Peter Corish, ex National farmer’s Federation President and ex Woolworths leader, Roger Corbett sit at the head of this new elite corporate entity, PrimeAg. 

Not only will Wall Street, Macquarie Street and any other financial street control the food bowls of the earth, they will and are doing so with a much larger prize than food production in their minds and on their agendas. 

Whilst the drought was a welcome tool that came their way, a tool that is, has and will continue to send many a small family farming business to the wall making them easy pickings for the carrion of the wealthy, these financial elite have carefully seen that the rural sector have been excluded from the Carbon Trading scheme until they have absorbed all that is worth owning. 

What these financial carrion don’t get, the radical green NGO groups amass.  Vast tracts of quasi environmentally protected lands across this country and again, mostly with your politically sanctioned tax dollar grants, ensuring the people’s Australia is removed from public ownership.  Not even your simple little house block belongs to you anymore as governments become corporatised and hence use the corporation’s act to subvert the constitution.  An entire nation’s people robbed of their very nation right under their noses. 

In 10, 15 years time when rural land is accepted for what it is, the most effective sequestration tool of CO2 and brought into the trading scheme scam, these global financial elite entities will own almost the entire nation in one form or another and the windfall in Australia alone to these carefully positioned sovereignty pariahs, will be in the billions of dollars, your dollars. 

CEOs will reap their massive decadent rewards, wealthy investors will live in their palatial  beach-front houses sipping gin & tonic on their dividends, climate change will be renown as an historic fraud of the past and millions of citizens will have become merely consumerist peasants world-wide and not long following, out will come the knitting needles, chaos and anarchy.  

Thank God for the advent of modern military hardware and intelligence gathering ending up in global corporate control. 

Small business farming will be all but non-existent and cities like Sydney will be a seething metropolis of a disaffected population under corporate governance.  The corporate colonisation of Australia will be complete, subjugation of its populace total.  Not a shot fired. 

The movie, “Escape from New York” may have been fantasy then, but were the makers privy to more than we gave them credit for? 

Brumbyy with 2Ys    

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