Water Theft Whitewash Meeting in National Park

Today we welcome a covert government “Media Free Day” meeting – taxpayer funded.

NSW bureaucrats and politicians again organised diversion against truth, to maintain dictatorship, as George Orwell predicted.Airline flights today, destination Dubbo, contain the plastic card bearing, taxpayer funded, entourage of government assigned support teams, equipped with their life support plethora of spin doctors, to deliver per-determined outcomes at the clandestine meeting over water problems, recently presented by Main Stream media’s tiny exposure to a massive water theft from the Macquarie River and wetland area of NSW.The meeting called today in the Macquarie Marshes Nature Reserve, between Quambone, and Carinda, about 250klm out from Dubbo, has been kept media free. So what coverup do our bureaucrats need to bury today, another Minister Koperberg blunder maybe, or maybe not.

Recent judicial findings set minuscule fine of around $750 for the perpetrators of unauthorised water diversion… WHY?

Two of the the alleged offenders are:

Clyde Agriculture own Oxley Station, being 35,168 hectares between Warren and Quambone. Clyde Agriculture Limited is owned 100% by John Swire & Sons Pty Ltd, the Australian holding company for the UK based Swire Group. Clyde has two subsidiaries, Darling River Cotton Pty Ltd, which operates the cotton gin at Bourke, and Wesbeef Agencies Pty Ltd, a licensed stock and station agent which operates only on behalf of the parent company. The Company normally employs approximately 120 permanent staff and has massive farmland ownership in Australia. Read up this corporate farming giant – http://www.clydeag.com.au/aboutus/index.asp#threea

The other being Pillicawarrina Station, which was going to auction, however Coonamble Shire council put an order in place to stop the sale because of illegal development on rivers banks. Interesting that Koperberg’s NSW National Parks are keen to purchase this property.

Other properties were offered to National Parks for purchasing. Maybe they could redirect water hidden behind total immunity by legislation, which the public are prosecuted under.

Evidence of the Rock wall BANKS constructed to divert the channel flow for water diversion
The StoryThousands of trees have been killed by waters flooding from water pirate’s dams re-directing the open channel flows, then in the lower marshes, trees have died from water starvation. Other farmers are fined $1000’s if they damage trees under the vegetation and environment acts. Why have water pirate’s not been made accountable?

Macquarie River water flows to the lowest point of the starved, destitute, and drought stricken rural families, existing only on extra purchases to survive, has been stolen by upriver neighbours diverting the open channel flow to service greed mongering corporate landholding – WHY?

On July 1st 2004, the NSW State Government put into effect the Water Sharing Plan (WSP) for the Macquarie and Cudgegong Regulated Rivers.

At the time of its inception, no discussion was carried out with landholders, instead, a number of community groups, and government agencies and authorities, put forward their requirement and views without broader consultation.

This in effect gave the landholders in these groups, the agencies and authorities, to form an alliance excluding outsiders from their views, input and any review of the WSP. Once this was done, the Macquarie River was essentially shut down to landholders and water users outside these groups.

The WSP made plans for Environmental Basic Stock and Domestic allocations, even in the worst drought years, but it failed to deliver these.

Now we see water diverted away from the Macquarie Marshes and lower Macquarie River through a series of weirs and channels controlled by State Water.

This unauthorised water diversion evidence and surveillance of landowner’s illegally constructed dams and weirs across the flood plains, recently touched on by mainstream media, who now have headed for cover due to the political hot potato, as one of the frightened flock of reporters stated. SOS-NEWS investigators were on the ground floor 12 months ago to expose those that wish to remain invisible – “that is not going to happen”.

Evidence was presented to the compliance section of the for DNR (Department of Natural Resources) by concerned landholders within the Central West CMA (Catchment Management Authority)area, were made well aware of unfettered water piracy, yet needing to seek government funding for investigations initially presented , claims that were 75% irrefutable. WHY would this evidence of alleged theft be dismissed by taxpayer funded public servants, directed at a critical drought effected area? – this we will uncover as the highly taxpayer wage funded persons are identified to us.

Cattle being fattened by water pirate’s green pastures

Dead trees in Terrigal due to water being backed up by water pirate’s banks

Dam banks installed by water pirate’s

Channel networking of the water flow and lead off channels
Prosecutions did follow the DNR “Inspector Clueso” investigation relayed from our, “close to the source stool pigeons conformation”, that offending landholders have been given slaps on the wrist by the judiciary – “expected” – while their neighbours downstream suffer bread line existence from increased drought hardship to their families by sanctioned pirates upstream.Many landholders, now forced to purchase bathing water since the inception of the WSP, have further been forced to de-stock their properties due lack of river water flow, as upstream landowner diverters fatten their stock on the deprivation of their fellow man’s entitlement under the banner of GREED. Flooding their land holdings by covert diversion of precious water from the Macquarie River.

Sanctioned diversions have been set in place to service, via open channels, the township of Nyngan and Cobar, then into the Bogan River.

Pay attention to these facts. State Water have quoted that 50% of the water entering the channel is lost before it reaches the intended destination, yet despite the present resources boom and mining activities using massive amounts of this open channel water, they will not furnish public funding, and construct a pipeline to minimise the ridiculous 50% water loss with open channels, so much for good science.

More taxpayer funding has been injected to conduct yet another public service subsistence study into water channelling into Nyngan and Cobar, when the obvious, flaws and exploitations are well known factors they intentionally choose to ignore….WHY?

Dead river gums in the lower Macquarie Marsh area from upriver water piracy
NSW state MP Kevin Humphries was standing up for these drought and water theft effected communities,( where water restrictions are set in place), who do not see any water in a river that flows most of the time (pre water sharing plan).Humphries was made WELL aware of illegal flood plain harvesting ages before the minuscule media exposure. Since that time there has been ZERO response (expected of politicians to constituents) to help those in dire straits from political fan-tailing, while joining hands with predictable judicial capitulation as the whitewash team colour his world.

The DEC and CWCMA have now organised Peter Andrews (ABC Australian Story June 2005 – Of Droughts and Flooding Rains) to view the Macquarie Marshes with some of the flood plain water harvesters and irrigators upstream to “discuss the merits and practical applications of his philosophies in the Marsh environment”.

The issue with the marshes is that no water is getting to them because of the actions of the government, and input from groups, only seeking to secure water any way they can.

Today’s event has been advertised within a select circle and there is no media involvement. What is DEC and CMA trying to hide?

If there is water theft upstream and huge losses in open channels, there seems to be only one answer… prosecute the thieves to the full extent of the law and where towns like Nyngan and Cobar take massive amounts of water via open channels, pipe that water to save the massive losses and put the savings back into recuperating the Macquarie Marshes.

State Water allowed irrigators to pump from the Macquarie River in June when good rains sent water cascading into the system from the Talbregar River. This would have been an ideal time to let the water flow through the marshes and get things ready for the spring bird breeding, whilst providing stock and domestic services to those along the lower Macquarie. After pumping, water was diverted along flood channels through weirs just north, or within Warren, then out to the floodplain on private property – the marshes and landholders missed out yet another year.

We wait with interest for news of when water will finally flow into the lower marshes and on through the lower Macquarie, uninhibited by weirs and diversions, thereby allowing the landholders and environment that once thrived, be returned to normal.

There will be more from SOS-NEWS on this government covert meeting held today in the Macquarie Marshes Nature Reserve, between Quambone, and Carinda, about 250klm out from Dubbo

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