Independent Hits Poll Position for EDEN-MONARO

Poll position boost for final run to thAcacia Rosee ballot box

Independent Candidate for Eden-Monaro Acacia Rose said that winning the lucky draw on the ballot is a great boost for the final run to the ballot box.

Ms Rose said ‘drawing first position on the ballot paper is a welcome boost in a campaign heavily stacked towards the major parties .

‘The voice of the community is often muffled by the media exposure of the major parties and a lucky draw on the ballot paper is certainly welcome.

‘The draw was fair and the mood up as five of the seven candidates for Eden-Monaro squeezed into the Queanbeyan Office of the AEC to watch the wooden balls roll in a wire barrel’ she said.


‘I took the chance for a lucky spin of the barrel and at the end of the day the double randomised draw put an Independent first on the ballot.’


‘Eden-Monaro is the bellweather seat for the nation and I certainly want delivery on the ongoing public ownership of Snowy Hydro as well as prevention of water privatisation.’


Ms Rose said ‘the campaign to stop the sale of Snowy Hydro was a powerful insight into the heart of many Australians who simply want to keep public assets public, especially the Snowy Scheme and to hold onto water rights.’


‘I continue to draw inspiration from the role and behaviour of our leading Independents Peter Andren and Tony Windsor and trust that I can continue to deliver justice to our community.’


‘I hope that luck, hard work and commitment sees me through with a strong finish as the Independent Candidate for Eden-Monaro.


From The EDITOR:

The strangle hold of the “Two Party System” can only be broken by Independents, and this – IS A CHOICE – for we have endured party room dictatorship far too long.

Forget the bureaucrat spin doctors who present party policies, look outside the square to an this uprising of concerned candidates who actually represent their electorate … you know like a REAL DEMOCRACY.

From Max Talbot:

On 3rd. September this year I wrote to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, with copies to the Hon.Gary Nairn and Mike Kelly, the liberal member and labor candidate, respectively; for the seat of Eden-Monaro: and asked them the following question;

“What is the coalitions/labors policy with respect to the future ownership of the Snowy Mountains Scheme and of Snowy Hydro Ltd?”

Apart from a recent acknowledgement of receipt of my letter from the Prime Ministers office, I have not received a reply from any of the aforementioned. I am also not aware of either the coalition or labor having issued a relevant policy statement. It is, therefore, not unreasonable to form the view that the major parties are not prepared to give a firm commitment to retain the Snowy Scheme and Snowy Hydro in public/government ownership: so as to ensure that its scarce and increasingly precious water resource is protected and managed for the benefit of this and all future generations of Australians.

By failing to make such a commitment, the liberal/national coalition and labor have forfeited the right to govern Australia in their own right. We need many more independents in both houses of parliament, so as to – in the words of Don Chipp, founder of the Democrats – “keep the bastards honest”

Max Talbot, had 43 years with electricity, 18 of those with Victorian Energy, 25 with Snowy Hydro. Appointed Executive Engineer in 1979, was involved in corporate agreements, including water licenses. He was promoted to Executive Officer Strategic Engineering of further planning Snowy Hydro assets, projecting for 20 years, from where he retired in October 2003.


3 November 2007Dear EditorLuck had it that I drew the first position on the ballot for Eden-Monaro.Both the Labor and Liberal Party asked for my preferences however I have held my line and the line in the sand is the Snowy Scheme. Now is the time for both the major parties to come forward with the detail on Snowy Hydro.

The people of Australia clearly indicated they DO NO want Snowy Hydro sold, privatised, recapitalised – call it what you may. Further, our farming families are hurting over water. Our governments have by stealth taken, priced and sold OUR WATER.

They have separated water and property rights and created a permanent water trading market. Not only have they taken property from families in the Snowy Mountains to build the Scheme but they have not compensated those people properly, particularly the displaced Adaminaby residents.

Now, we have also lost the water with the NSW Government making top money from energy sales, sequestering the water to do so and selling the water. I want a full audit of all water sales. I want a clear indication from the major parties that they will protect Snowy Hydro from sale, under Commonwealth legislation and that they will reverse water privatisation.

Our country deserves better. The Independent Peter Andren was the person who clearly told the PM that the Australian people wanted Snowy to remain in public hands. After that meeting, after the PM called Peter into his office in the presence of Malcolm Turnbull and Gary Nairn to hear what the rest of the nation was telling him, the PM withdrew the Commonwealth intention to sell Snowy Hydro. Peter Andren deserves our undying respect.

On the day that we walked around Jindabyne Oval for the Cancer Council Relay for Life I received the news that Peter Andren had died. After walking just one lap, the phone rang with the sad news that he had lost his fight against pancreatic cancer. Peter Andren taught something very important to all politicians – be true, be straight and be right. I will do as Peter did and remain very Independent! I will continue to serve as an independent thinker, an independent person and soul. I care deeply about Australia and I have drawn the line in the sand over the Snowy Scheme.

I am waiting for the full details from the major parties and that includes complete protection of Snowy and non-privatisation of water!

Acacia Rose
Independent Candidate
Eden-Monaro I spoke with Acacia on Saturday night 3rd November, and she informed me that preferences had closed and she was not supporting Labor, Liberal or the Greens, in fact NO-ONE.It would seem that she has made this firm commitment to stand for the people against governments who have proven to work against the people.Editor

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