Further Conformation of your land taken by government!

Adolf Hitler DICTATORThis article is from AGMATES, Steve Trueman which further exposes government taking ownership of your land, not just Queensland, but every state in Australia, that places strength to a national government conspiracy… The picture reflects government dictatorship in 1937 – 1945 ~ Editor 

A Retired Police Prosecutor have contributed some very disturbing articles.   Just 13 days ago on the 3rd of October the High Court of Australia made a decision that in the words of David Walter “Removes Ownership of Property and Land in as

Australia as we knew it”

Have you ever stopped to think how the Queensland Government could force Council Amalgamations upon the people of QLD  Against their will, Build a Dam at Traveston Crossing at Gympie that prompted a Senate inquiry because of the backlash and Muscle up against farmers with the most draconian Native Vegetation Laws in Australia closely followed by New South Wales.

 All of the above actions and many more have been described as “undemocratic”.Well the answer may surprise you, indeed shock you as it has me. The answer is – There’s no democracy in a Corporation. Confused? Ever heard of the “Brigalow Corporation”? Well if you read any of the articles below your about to find – Queensland – Beautiful one day – Brigalow Corporation the Next?     

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1.      Queensland – the Brigalow Corporation – High Court Decision – Land and property Ownership as we knew it is GONE!     (Linda Hewitt, Queensland cattle Producer writes)

“You may not, but you will upon reading, understand that all Rural and Residential land in QLD and NSW is now under the ownership of….

2.       Private Ownership of Land and Property as we knew it is GONE. NSW will be next unless we ACT  (Sue Mayne, New South Wales Farmer writes)“Currently NSW is using Bone & Mothershaw and the Burns case … to support QLD……  

3.       Decision of the High Court – removes Ownership of Land and Property as we Knew it.(David Walter retired Police Prosecutor writes)Judge McPherson JJA … “He has been stripped of all virtually all the powers which make ownership of Land of any … value

4.        Yet to be Determined by the High Court – Catherine Elizabeth Burns       (David Walter retired Police Prosecutor writes)Judge White of the planning and Environment Court in Cairns Nth QLD 13/03/2002 said “I find this astounding. Soviet Russia would be proud of these laws.”

  Steve Truman – 

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