Peter Spence Rally Information

Peter Spencer on his “Tower Of Hope” rally tour brings to the people his dedicated research and passion exposing government land theft from farmers and the carbon claimed from land owners to pay KYOTO while not paying any compensation under land acquisition legislation.

After 52 days aloft the Tower on his now repossessed farm he could no longer work under government “lock it up” legislation and two successful rallies by concerned farmers and city dwellers outside Canberra Parliament House, Peter will be in the places listed below.

Speaking with Editor Mal Davies, Peter reveals in this audio interview, some amazing information reflecting on his court wins in the NSW and Federal arena’s to take his claim (and all farmers) to the “High Court”. After 200 times in courts has finally given him the ability to present irrefutable evidence denied him from taxpayer funded lawyers pushing to silence him.

Click to hear the interview

Peter Spencer Rally Dates

March 27th Townsville

March 29th Charleville

March 30th Roma


April 12th – 20th


April 21st – 23rd


April 28th – May 5th


May 7th – 11th

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