Government Screwing Drought Effected Farmers … STILL

Bureaucrat political dictatorship personThe Rural Lands Protection Board system in NSW is a regulatory appendage of the Department of Primary Industry.  Farmers pay annual rates for the privilege of having rangers and a district vet over see activities at stock sales for example or shoot livestock in a bushfire or animal welfare job like Ruth Downey.

RLPB core functions are assisting farmers with animal health issues such as Johnnes, EI, chemical residues, plant poisonings then there are pest animals control of rabbits, foxes, pigs, wild dogs, and travelling stock routes “going for a walk” in drought. 

Charging drovers for the privilege of eating roadside grass before the council mows it is a DISGRACE, They are not living the life of Riley or Clancy out with the stock, horses, dogs and running the gauntlet of missiles launched at their person by road users. 

Trying to get a drink and feed for your stock, most Parks Rangershave never been droving, or feeding stockmen suffering officious Road and Traffic Authority lapdog officials inconvenienced, – still drawing wages from farmers taxpayer coffers – by these travelling stock. 

This farmer was wondering about the merit of his representation one day as he heard the RLPB paid vet, and rangers, stating  TSRs are no longer relevant because local shires had shoved up their insurance cover required to about $20Million – NOW! that will help our ravaged and drought affected farmers!

Where was the RLPB representing the rate payers interest here men?

Then it was getting too hard about warning signs for motorists, farmers always left them out.  Excuse me? –  drovers need some time to settle their stock down , then attend and gather up the flotsome of bureaucratic regulation. 

Let us not forget there is the Catchment Management Authorities land areas loaded with homeless greenies who sanction the biodiversity on TSRs yet want them destocked. 

Excuse me! … one reason these areas have abundant biodiversity is because over 100 years of grazing by sheep, cattle, and horses, eating wildflower seed and spreading it about.  Historic world data confirms grazing enhances biodiversity so under taxpayer funding  why some RLPB rangers, so apologetic that TSRs are grazed to the radical facion, … “why did you apply for the job”?

Cattle being moved along a TSR Route through National PraksA farmer recently reported park rangers in the SE of NSW had a biodiversity workshop on rare and endangered grasslands … “guess what”? … they did not go to the national park to see non-existent vibrant grasslands –  they went to the stock grazed TSR!

The grasslands in the national park have been drowned in leaf litter for decades and no seeding has taken place.  Just a few fossils coming up out of a blackberry bush beside the road taken for salvation.

Then there is the RLPBs sitting on their hands as the wild dog situation escalates across NSW and Victoria.  RLPB rangers pontificating about the merits of “top order predators” in public land conservation icon.  What private landholder would be allowed to say we are just breeding up our dogs to kill the rabbits foxes pigs and cats! 

While the doggies know they shouldn’t touch the endangered wildlife or go onto the neighbours 2 km away to chase his children and lambs.  Farmers should be held to account for the poison needed for foxes dogs pigs rabbits etc. 

Do farmers need all the government generated frustration possible on these matters.?

How can RLPBs possibly represent rate payers interests?

Then there is the investment of farmers in the national livestock identification to help contain exotic disease, a massive outlay for one meat buyer to advance his business. 

Well the horse flu has bolted allowing the sport of KINGS to resume, EXCEPT… whose is going to pay back the RLPB ratepayers for their rangers spending months working for the racing industry – AND THE KINGS?

Yes when one is looking for economies to take in the drought may be RLPBs should come under scrutiny about relevance.  How is it looking to gain access to public land for relief grazing or have the experts killed out all the grasses already. 

Dr Tony Fleming allegedly wanted “NSW National Parks burnt rather than grazed” – his wish came true.

Bulls Wool,  from – “Swing Dolly Creek”

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