Keep your GREEDY GESTAPO Government hands OFF MY HOUSE and HOME

We have had enoughIf Governments and [here LOCAL-Government ] being encouraged by the mandates of a STATE dictate [so the local Councillors defend] — and ORDER a HERITAGE LISTING on streetscapes with freehold property [being a house and land Crown-Registered to the OWNER who has the TITLE DEEDS ]………  then let them do it under JUST TERMS COMPENSATION.

The JUST TERMS ACQUISITION and RESUMPTION Act says — “acquisition”  has exactly the same meaning as “taking an interest”.

In a Court of Law [if we could find an honest one not under the “direction” of the Governments] now that’s what OUGHT to be Heritage listed — because they are as scarce as hen’s teeth — “takings”  “taking”  “interests” and “acquisition all have the same meaning”.

If GOVERNMENTS are so hell-bent on HERITAGE LISTING buildings — then let it be on PUBLIC BUILDINGS or PLACES — as was the intent of the LEGISLATION and let the PUBLIC PAY. 

OTHERWISE unless the PUBLIC is prepared to pay for a freehold owners’ HERITAGE LISTING — then DON’T.


Commonwealth Property Protection Association 
June Weston

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