Spencer Retracted

Nail Me to a Cross
For I Shall Die
so others
Only Bleed

For those of you who follow us closely, you will have noted that this story momentarily disappeared. This was done in response to a complaint received from parts of the Spencer family in respect to the story and its reference to those members wishing Peter to either fail, or die.

The damage done to Peter Spencer’s protest by the main stream media reporting and hence, super wide on-dissemination of this reporting of certain statements, was both unwarranted and unfair, as the original story clearly states.

Having said that, when a person is on a hunger strike, with the end result of such an action either being a failure, death, or as hoped in Peter’s case, a reason to end the strike with dignity and reason of purpose, such statements as reported, came at a most critical time of a movement that caused many to question Peter’s motives.

Peter’s motives, were never in question, and his reasoning was always clear, yet the media portrayed those statements as if they were new and a revelation and of course to those just coming to terms with the protest, especially as the media had taken no notice until very late in the movement, many of those people that were new to the cause, were a little shell shocked.

They shouldn’t have been, for none of it was new, none of it was important and none of it was secret and the inferences, were of no consequence at all to the protest, nor the cause, but how were they to know?

I personally, was shocked and stunned that such reporting was suddenly thrust out as if it was new and revealing.

No one should know Peter better than his family and after hearing his children say they wish him to come down, but would stand beside him knowing Peter’s convictions would lead him to reach his own resolve on the issue, along with the knowledge that without any sustenance at all, the longest recorded hunger strike known, is reported as 53 days, Peters time on the Tower of Hope needed an impasse breaker and it had to be soon. Something like Mr Rudd being a Prime Minister ( and speaking to Peter personally perhaps).

Those statements as main stream published, were damaging to say the least to a speedy resolution and safe descent for Peter and it was for this reason that the original story was run as it was. It was a circuit breaker to a wedge that should never have been driven into a magnificent stance made by an Australian who has put himself up for his fellow Australians.

The Brother’s family took affront to the story and requested me to make amends and at their request, I do and if they felt affronted by the story, I apologise and have removed the offending statements, prior to re-posting it.

To them I say, we know it is a trying time indeed for the entire Spencer family and hence we perhaps need to be a bit more respectful of this time.

I have sent an e-mail to the family asking for their input here to enlighten our readers to exactly what they meant by the statements as reported, but I also would ask if they could request of their legal team to stay documentation service and litigation, which is a private matter, until this protest on the Tower of Hope by Peter on behalf of Australians nationally, has concluded. We at the time of reposting this story, have had no response.

The Media, & Rudd, all desperate to see Peter fail, or die. They don’t care which, but they obviously want it in a hurry.

The media, because they serve their corporate and political masters, whilst getting emotional stories to print. and sell; it makes great news.

Rudd & Co, because the sooner Peter dies, jumps, or is carted away in a straight jacket, the sooner Rudd will be able to smother over the claims that would cause him to have to remunerate Australian farmers with the billions stolen, rather than hand it out to every third world Nation that’s crying out “Please Sir, I want some more!!!” A UN leadership is far more appealing to this Australian Judas than seeing to the people he THINKS he RULES.

How quickly the media and others change their tune, dig for dirt, prove their disloyalty to this nation for editorial by-line.

Who bloody cares who Peter Spencer owes money to. It makes no difference whether he owes it to the Pope, the Bank, or members of his family, the fact is, Peter has been thwarted at every turn, to make money from his thousands of hectares of High Country land. Noelene Franklin’s article clearly identified this, for you to understand.

As for Peter’s Brother being reported as telling the world that the property is poor quality farming land, and that Peter’s acumen is not in farming, what has this to do with anything, when that land has been allowed to be marauded by NPWS protected wild dogs and from there, the list of ventures destroyed by bureaucracy, have continued.

Peter was never allowed to prove his land was viable, which it was. Only a bureaucrat his Brother is reported as inferring, but Peter built a timber house on his land that is unequalled on the Snowy Mountains, perhaps he’s a carpenter.

Woolworth’s sell petrol, but they are a supermarket.

Plumbers buy and sell shares.

Farmers work in metro offices.

Every walk of life sees a Politician taking office

Rudd is a money man, yet adjudicates over Peter Spencer’s life ( He stole it, like a thief in the night and fenced it through the United Nations) Yes it was Rudd’s rushed signature which ratified Kyoto, not Howard’s.

Peter’s land, like all high country land, historically and collectively, ran millions of head of sheep and cattle throughout the summers, with not only huge success, but incredible Nation building results, but hey; don’t let the truth stand in the way of the disaffected getting in for a dig when he is down, debt here is only a symptom..

That is all Peter owes, a few dollars, quite a few, the nation owes Peter way more dollars and an unpayable legacy, for highlighting just how despicable the Australian bureaucracy has become, whilst being controlled by the faceless ones, dictating to the disingenuous pollies like Rudd, Wong & Garrett and the myriad others from both sides that sleaze about in high paid offices of servitude. Servitude, that’s a bloody joke.

Now the papers, for trying to indoctrinate the public into accepting a symptom of political corruption as the causation, once again prove they are #$%$%^#

Peter Spencer’s problems are borne of a government that has intentionally accepted suicide as a by product of anti-Australian politics. Serving foreign masters, both corporate and political, and that is treason.

Peter, their are thousands of farmers and city folk alike out there, who know why you are doing what your are doing, and fully cognizant of the fact it is the only way this problem of land theft through the unconstitutional vegetation act, is going to be addressed and that this issue, is only first amongst peers of the massive injustices being perpetrated upon this Nation and its people.

Peter Spencer is the modern day Eureka. Just like then, bastards with an eye to profits (Melbourne commercial pricks, seeing their labourers nick off to the goldfields, bastardised bureaucracy in an attempt to force those labourers out of the gold fields and back to commercial slavery, with death of one young man in Ballarat as the catalyst for the stockade).

Well today, the same bastards with an eye to profits, from land ownership to carbon bullshit, are bastardising our bureaucracy to screw over the workers and all they own, so as to put them back into slavery and Peter is the modern catalyst, that may well be the cause to bring about the rebuilding of that new stockade.

Just like Pauline Hanson when she galvanised a nation and attracted one million primary votes, one twelfth of the voting population, Peter Spencer too, has garnered this type of support, for, through all the pain, right must prevail over snivelling, treacherous politicians and controlled media.

Well done Peter, your fight, is a Nation’s chance at re-birth, lets see if this Nation still has people with the balls to live in a country that is desperately in need of it being taken back, for Australia first, second, and foremost.

And you’ve done it without painting the sails of the Opera House, without accosting ships on the high seas, without burning forestry machinery in Tasmania and without hurting another soul. You in fact have done it by taking your understanding and knowledge to a level that few can disregard and those that do, do so at their own peril.

The number of people that salute you Peter is more than the number of stars you see at night from your tower.

Eat a steak Peter, if you need to, to stay up there, for we the people, want you to stay as long as you feel necessary and come down when you are ready, to face off those that have proved, foreigners are more of value than real Australians, power is more of value than good governance, money is more important than sacrifice.

Brumbyy (with 2Ys)

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