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Was it a recurrence of the 1985 farmer’s 45,000 strong march on parliament house, no it wasn’t, but it should have been. But then again, when the low down despicable scum that have permeated the halls of bureaucracy have the alleged temerity to exercise an abuse of power by instructing Vehicle Inspection officers to interfere in free and sovereign Australians travel plans so as to thwart their democratically given rights of free expression, real time Mugabeism has arrived in Australia.

Our people (SOS) roughly counted the number attending this rally and 500 was a fair approximation of the total protestors who attended this Canberra march, from Magna Carta Square to parliament house, Canberra.

People, who had come to support Peter Spencer and the national cause he fights with his life for, came from places like Roma Queensland, Melbourne Victoria, Byron Bay and all points of western NSW, along with a strong contingent of the battered Tottenham people of NSW, attended enmass and yes, Senator Barnaby Joyce was on fire and Barwon MP Kevin Humphries stood before the people.

Finally, main stream media were showing attention, but it was obvious, they were not so much interested in the actual story of Peter Spencers’ and the farmers, as they were, in the smell of end game blood, and this was never more obvious by the journalist’s questioning of Senator Joyce after the protest.

These pariahs of controlled media, quickly moved off the issue of Spencer and the farmer’ plights and into other areas of politics and attempts of getting one pollie to stick it to another. What a bunch of pricks.

From talking to rally attendees, it was quite clear that many people they knew, had not been able to make it to the rally, as their buses they were relying on to travel in, had been pulled from the trip as a response to the misappropriate use of power and bullying tactics, from bureaucratic scum. As these people had no alternatives to this mode of transport coerced away from them, the rally numbers were down by a few hundred people, but the spirit of those denied attendance, was certainly conveyed outwards by those who did.

Just recently Lindsay Tanner, Rudd’s Federal Finance Minister, admitted, that the government couldn’t accede to Peter Spencer’s claim for compensation as it would break the government financially, thereby providing clear and concise proof, that, along with the known fact, such theft as Peter Spencer has clearly enunciated as being perpetrated against him and his fellow Australian farmers, both publicly and in legal terms, amounting to tens of billions of dollars of stolen farmers assets and earnings, is not disputed from any sources, not only has Rudd’s cabal of UN sycophants deeply worried, but in fact, identifies the very reason they will not let Peter Spencers’ claim be heard in the High Court of this land; UN Secretary General Rudd and his team would not just lose, but would in fact have to halt all foreign aid for twenty years to pay the poor and pillaged of Australia, fair and just compensation terms, in his own land.

So much for his multi billion dollar annual hand out to the likes of Mugabe and Chavez at Australian tax payers expense, let alone the vote giving award of $120 better off crap to the lower socio economical in our society, if they vote in his corrupt ETS.

Like the Mabo result from this final High Court ruling, so too would the Spencer result, change the way the servants of Australia, “RULE.”

Further, the fact that Rudd was able to pump 10 billion or so into the national economy as mid-term Xmas presents for every person who he thought would vote for him, makes it very clear, miscreant Rudd & Co, can find billions to spend in the bottomless pit of tax-payers coffers at the click of a finger, should the right incentive to do so be present and of course, it being politically expedient.

So the question now begs to be asked, how can Rudd promise that every low socio economic citizen will be 120 dollars better off with his failed, but to be re-invented ETS, when;

(a) There is no money left in the till, as he’s already given it away and thinking of giving more, both here and billions overseas.
(b) An ETS will and already has, and we don’t even have one yet, cause massive price rises across the board that will make the $120.00 look like petty cash to even the bench sleeping lowest of the socio economics amongst us. And this ETS doesn’t even have a fixed price.
(c) His urgent desire to give billions of our dollars annually to the Chavez & Mugabe’s of the third world “the, Please Sir, I want moreee” fraternity, will leave a financial hole that this nation will never ever climb out of again and certainly the current children crop of Australia will spend their lives trying to fix.

No sir, Kevin Rudd, you are a liar, and as a man that is acting for & in the interests of the global controlling organisation called the United Nations, you are acting as a traitor to this country by serving a foreign power when you hold the highest office in this great land you wishto sell out.

The one underlying theme which clearly emanated from this protesting amalgamation of people from almost every walk of life Australian society has; is that Kevin Rudd, the current, but short lived, Prime Minister of this Nation Australia, is, in colloquial Aussie terms, one pure bastard for not talking to Peter Spencer, one on one.

The milky bar kid Rudd, the UNFCCC leader aspirant that couldn’t wait to rush out and ratify (that is sign this nation to the legality of Kyoto lies and deceit) and as soon as he had done so, went full swing into Copenhagen in an attempt to get us signed up to that, in an effort to ensure, when his treasonous signature to Kyoto runs out of legitimacy in 2012, his new one at COP15 takes over.

Well the little blonde internationalist upstart that abuses his own airline hostesses, no longer has an ETS which would have bankrupted this nation, but does he care? Not one iota, he works for the UNFCCC and its foreign agendas, nor does he have a binding COP15 treaty. So he comes home with his tiny tail between his thighs, for a new crack at lying to the Australian people to get the ETS underway again.

Forget the fact that the temperatures of this winter alone across Europe the UK and the Americas is going to screw over global averages for a decade, making the hockey stick look like a Wall St graph during a depressive cycle.
Forget that lying conniving shit bag UK professors intentionally bastardised the science that COP15 was both based on and supposed to authenticate at Copenhagen.

Forget the fact that the carbon footprint for the commie pricks that went to Copenhagen was an affront to their own cause.

Forget the fact that the majority of Australian people think Rudd is a lying prick and if he is not, he is going to cause destitution to most Australians by his socialist global agenda.

Forget the fact that no one in this nation either wants, nor can afford another tax.

Forget the fact Rudd and his penniless political cronies have given the wealth of this nation away and have sold everything of value that belonged to the people which actually earned this country a dollar and provided meaningful work for that lower socio economic of this nation, thereby giving them purpose of being, was sold into private sector hands.

But remember, Mr Rudd and Ms Wong, it is you and your cronies that are responsible and this is why we all want you to pack up and piss off to the UN, Kevin & Co, and take your socialist traitors with you, the names of which sit amongst your front bench, along with those harboured at the top end of bureaucracy, where never were they elected.

The Eureka flag was flown on this day of protest, it had nothing whatsoever to do with the labour movement, never did; It stands for the very first stance of bureaucratic corruption in the nation, stood up to by citizens, and in that case, it was a crooked coronial inquiry in respect to a killing of a young man in the streets of Ballarat;


The same bureaucratic reincarnations, corruptly subverting the course of justice, enacting laws that are unjust, enslaving a nation to foreign powers and acting against the Commonwealth Constitution, are being faced off and that flag is the great Australian symbol..

Each one of these bastardisations of Australian due process is a crime, combined they are treason and in any other country, a call to arms and insurrection.

What a great country and a credit to the real people of Australia it is, when a cause so great, so fundamental, is fought so honourably, with such heart and passion, yet only four police were required as street marshals, and no clean up crew, as damage or refuse were non-existent and parliament house security staff had only to act responsibly to move peaceful protesters from their area of control.

This great nation is dieing, not for lack of water, carbon-bull over heating, illegal immigration and all the other myriad of problems we face every day, but rather because our politicians, are, gullible, greedy liars and serving of powers and agendas that neither serve this nation and its people, nor serve the oath they took upon accepting office.

It stops with Peter Spencer. He is a catalyst of change and all it takes is we the people to say enough is enough and not just demand action, but force it to happen.

You’re adults, all of you, you all know what has to be done, do it. It is as simple as that.
For it be sufficient for evil to succeed as long as good men do nothing and this battle Peter Spencer is fighting for all of us, is pure evil.

Are you going to the gas chambers, or are you going to the hills of Iwo Jima and raise our flag.

Brumbyy (with 2Ys)

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