Spencer Takes Canberra by Storm

Canberra rally supporting Peter Spencer who is today in his 44th of a hunger strike to get the Australian Prime Minister to conduct a Royal Commission into government theft of farmers land and carbon credits used to support the KYOTO level.

Over 500 people assembled outside Parliament House, opening speech was by Peters “Tower Of Hope” team leader Alistair McRoberts, followed by Shadow Treasurer Barnaby Joyce, then Kevin Humphries, NSW National, then Peter Spencer’s Barrister and Ex-Liberal MP, Peter King, all castigating the PM and government directed NO ACTION to the issues and Peter Spencer.

For a government with 100% arrogance accompanied by total disregard of the peoples voice, this move will cost them future government from the internet involvement is running rampant gathering speed that they cannot control like their manipulation of mainstream media.

as at the rally along with Brumbyy (with 2y”s),Noeline Franklin, two of our volunteer investigators, Mark and Sue, plus 10 year old farm kid “Damien”.

We have taken loads of video and picture and recorded audio of the rally which over the next few days we will be publishing, along with a detailed story on the rally and the trip to “The Tower Of Hope”.

We would like to thank “Annette” from the NSW Central Coast who donated all the Tee-Shirts and stickers printed with “Enough Is Enough which SOS-NEWS team handed out to the rally.

Keep returning for updates and/or join SOS-NEWS- “PETER SPENCER SUPPORT GROUP”www.sosnews.org – to be on the mailing list.

Mal Davies

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