Rudd Thinks, “The sooner Peter Spencer’s Dead the Better”

The Last Post – The Last Rites – The Last Australian

How dare Kevin Rudd espouse his lies and untruths to the people, his Masters. It is an offence to mislead Parliament, yet NO! offence, to mislead an entire Nation, in this case, the Nation of Australia.

When the most disingenuous leader this nation has ever had, tells the people, the battlers and hard done by of citizenry, they will not be worse off, they will be compensated for the imposition of an Australian wealth-shifting taxation scheme, Kevin Rudd lies. That’s right Mr Rudd, you are a liar.

The very fact Peter Spencer is dying atop a high pole in protest to your traitorous deceit, is proof, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you Mr Rudd, are serving global masters ( a foreign power) and MUST be stopped.

Peter Spencer is the perfect epitome of an Australian battler, a man that this unimaginable assault upon the sensibilities and intelligence of the globe, have destroyed, and there is no compensation for him. So all you Rudd supporters who believe in his deceit, watch closely as Peter Spencer dies, for this is the fair compensation Rudd talks about. “Let them eat cake”.

Kevin Rudd, in a most callous manner, no better than that of a molester of people, has winged his carbon spewing way to Copenhagen, on Peter Spencers’ demise. Kevin Rudd is eagerly awaiting for Peter Spencer to die, just as a sadistic killer watches their victim’s last suffering throes.

Kevin Rudd and all those in support, know full well that Peter Spencer and his just claim, must never be allowed, must never get to be heard, before the High Court of this land; for just as the Mabo decision changed this nation, so too would the upholding of Mr Spencers’ claim ( for which it is certain to be, and Rudd knows this).

Rudd fears the show casing of the/his lies, the/his deceit and the/his constitutional illegalities, that are about to cause, not just the death of Peter Spencer, but the death of Australian land titles, and thereby, Australian democracy. In Copenhagen, whilst Peter dies in wind-blown solitude, Rudd, is attempting to sell out our Nation, your Nation, my Nation, the great Australian Nation.

Kevin Rudd will never, never go down in history. as a great leader, nor perhaps even, as a leader,

but rather:

A Judas of his people
A speaker of forked tongue
Complicit in the destruction of Democracy
Responsible for Australia’s financial demise
An accessory to suicide

May his future ancestors expunge his memory, for how else will they live with such shadow casting shame.

Brumbyy (with 2Ys)

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