Pauline Is Rattling Their Cages

Tony Abbott, the self appointed political knight that took it upon himself to destroy the Hanson movement in your name, with your tax dollars, may well may be at it again with his Liberal/Labor coalition of slush fund mates who meld together at the slightest hint of political danger.

To think this woman can generate such fear within the two major parties, YET again by standing for the senate at the Federal Election, boggles the mind.

Gutless is too good for these low life’s who published pure lies in a Queensland distributed pamphlet to discredit Pauline.

From Pauline Hanson’s site

The disclaimer she has published:

A pamphlet is being distributed using my name claiming I want all Asians to be deported. This is totally untrue, I totally deny it as a policy and I have never advocated such a policy. It’s the start of dirty politics against me for my Senate candidature! So what’s new?

Pauline, you have the bastard’s attention with the prospects of you rattling their cages from the senate .. GO FOR IT!

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