The first Australian family lives to be destroyed by the Commonwealth Government of Australia Global Warming Policy.

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Peter Spencer Hunger Strike Now Sunday 20th December …DAY 28

Peter Spencer Hunger Strike Poster

Download this ‘HUNGER STRIKE” poster in pdf, this will print from any computer and pass it around your address book emails.

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Print out 10 copies, put one on your car window, in shop windows, on notice boards, in supermarkets, etc, etc, give them to those who are not online, just get the message out there for Peter is not coming down until his demands have been addressed… HE WILL DIE ON THAT POLE


UPDATE…TUESDAY 15th December

Grant Goldman 2SM

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December 15th 2009 – Radio station 2SM presenter Grant Goldman today interviewed Sue Maynes who delivered as spokesperson for her group research, just how Australian Government engineered to STEAL not just farmers land but ALL Land Holding by you the people. Sue and her group have been presenting evidence, and supporting Peter Spencer on this dictatorship we have allowed to flourish by supporting them at the polling booths.

Grant Goldman 2SM

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December 15th 2009 – Radio station 2SM presenter Grant Goldman speaks with Alastair McRobert who is handling media and support for Peter Spencer with his update of Peter’s condition and relates just how Peter started his 200 days in court and never allowed to give evidence of government land and carbon theft from Australian Farmers 23 days into his hunger strike.

Alan Jones

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December 11th 2009 – This second interview 2GB Allan Jones speaks with Peter Spencer’s friend and spokes person Alastair McRobert on DAY 19 of his hunger strike. This gives a great summary of the stand Peter is making.

Alan Jones

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December 8th 2009 – 2GB Allan Jones speaks with Peter Spencer and Barrister Peter King who has represented Mr Spencer FREE in court over the issues of unworkable vegetation laws and theft of Australian farmer’s carbon credits to meet KYOTO requirements. This is a great interview and needs to heard world wide.

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December 4th 2009 – Mal Davies had this exclusive interview with Peter Spencer 50 feet above the ground on the weather mast at the Spencer farm, Shannon Flat NSW. Hear the dedication this man has to his fellow farmers and with no intention of coming down from his hunger strike until Prime Minister Rudd agrees to a Royal Commission the rural pillage by government of land rights and carbon credits. Click the button to play or stop the interview

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December 8th 2009 – ABC Radio presenter of “Counter Point” Michael Duffy interviews Peter Spencer with a different approach as his years of association with Peter reveals.

Peter SpencerLast Monday 23rd November 2009, farmer Peter Spencer started a indefinite Hunger Strike until the terms in his submissions are met.

Peter Spencer on Tuesday 2nd December 2009, moved his hunger strike from his farm house to a wind monitoring mast on his property Saarahnlee were he will stay until his requests are agreed to by PM Kevin Rudd. Local police arrived at the wind mast yesterday Tuesday 2nd December 2009, on a tip off from the Commonwealth Government, that is the only response from PM Kevin Rudd’s office.

Deception, lies and deceit in hand with the denial of Australian citizens Constitutional Rights and basic Human Rights by the Australian Commonwealth Government and all levels of Government has lead to New South Wales farmer Peter Spencer, taking his plea to the streets. Peter has tried every avenue to have his concerns addressed by Government and the Judiciary. Peter has made over 200 appearances in Court at all levels and has been denied a Trial every time. One would wonder how this could happen in Australia.

Peter is requesting that himself and all the farmers who’s property have been stolen by the Commonwealth Government, being 109 million Ha (19% of Australia’s farm land) of farm land locked up to meet its UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol commitments are compensated for on Just Terms, as our Constitutional Right when Government takes Property. That property being 87.5 mega tonne of Carbon and sterilizing 109 million Ha of agricultural land. Peter is requesting a Royal Commission with terms of reference encompassing all Regulatory Takings from Australian farmers and the devastating slaughter of livestock by wild dogs from National Parks.

It is a sad day when a Australian citizen has to go to this extreme to hopefully have his and other effected farmers Constitutional Rights reinstated.

Peter Spencer

Peter Spencer Leader Story

Peter Spencer


Time was when we gathered at school assembly each Monday morning and began our week. The Australian Flag, with its historical heritage-position in the top corner, jealously guarding the stars of the symbolic Southern Cross from hostile intruders – (the cross itself, being another symbol) was raised – and we fervently recited the Australian Motto .. I Honour my God; I salute my Crown; I serve my Country,It was always an inspirational and proud moment, treasured for the measure of the spiritual security it gave me in the simple words we repeated. In the silence of the interpretative word, the message spoke to me …… go in peace; be safe; be free; your Country (country being the LAND) will nourish you (food, clothing and shelter) and through the investment and toil of others, the LAND will protect you and give you LIFE.

God, Crown and Country – the Creed of a Christian monarchical constitutional democracy. Behind the simple words another message: We can have no DEMOCRACY without FREEDOM and no FREEDOM without the “fee simple” being LAND. Freehold (land) – the anchor which holds our inaleinable property rights to the federated Constitution.

Now the Constitution is stuffed; our FREEHOLD has been Nationalized by treacherous, legislative “spin” and all the politicians can think about, is local regulation delivering ideological, impractical, unfeasible, global aspirations through global governance. There is no morality any more, no respect; no dignity; no conscience; no responsbility; no honour; and no creed. Yet the very essence of owning LAND and everything this Nation has stood for, is set out on the DEED of Crown Entitlement …. Lot ?? Folio 1234; PARISH of Whatever; County of Forever ………………………

Watch this presentation of how the Peter Spencer saga evolved

To read Peter Spencer’s plight – CLICK HERE

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