The Leopard Spots Remain


In 1918, the Governor General was Ronald Crauford Munro-Ferguson, 1st Viscount Novar, GCMG, KBE, PC (6 March 1860 – 30 March 1934), sixth Governor-General of Australia, was probably the most politically influential holder of this post

He was before Royal Commission outcome and findings were determined, prior to the inquiries commenced, and had the guts to throw out a government minister on evidence from a royal commission report that the prime minister was not inclined to sanction until pushed by the Queens representative to the people of Australia.

We did see the Whitlam government thrown out of office by GG Kerr. Our researched evidence suggested this was under American CIA instructions, with people manipulation for the USA big brother world control network.


The 1918 seventh Prime Minister was William Morris ‘Billy’ Hughes CH KC (25 September 1862 – 28 October 1952), Australian politician, was the longest-serving member of the Australian Parliament, and one of the most colourful figures in Australian political history.

Over the course of his 51 year federal parliamentary career (and an additional 7 prior to that in a colonial parliament), Hughes changed parties five times, from Labor to National Labor to Nationalist to Australian to United Australia to Liberal, was expelled from three, and represented four different electorates in two states.

So who is Jens August Jensen (May 2, 1865 – November 16, 1936)? He was an Australian politician represented the Division of Bass in the House of Representatives from 1910 to 1919.

He was first elected as a member of the Australian Labor Party, and served as an Assistant Minister and then Minister for the Navy in the Fisher and Hughes governments. When a group of more conservative ALP members under Billy Hughes broke away in 1917 over conscription issues to form the Nationalist Party of Australia, Jensen joined them.

Hughes retained government after the split, and Jensen was appointed to the new ministry as Minister for the Navy and then later Minister for Trade and Customs. In 1918, the Royal Commission on Navy and Defence Administration investigated Jensen, when the Commission found against him, he was forced to resign from the ministry.

He subsequently lost his endorsement to contest his seat at the 1919 election. Though he attempted to contest the seat as an independent, he was defeated by the endorsed Nationalist candidate, David Jackson. Jensen subsequently shifted to state politics, elected to the Tasmanian House of Assembly seat of Bass in 1922.

After losing his seat in 1925, he rejoined the ALP in 1927, and was elected to the state division Wilmot, holding it until 1934.

Now 2007, we see that the leopard does not change spots, but the GG remains on the Prime Ministers string, hence we suffer dictatorship set in place over decades of party faithful support with rampant lies and suspect negotiations allowed to flourish.

We may ask what is the Queens representative is going to do about the Australian Westminster system of government that is so eroded even the white wash is discoloured.

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