Many predict the ETS currently traumatising Parliament is another elaborate global tax to suppress the people of the world and siphon more riches into the pockets of the rich. Another smoke and mirrors cungering trick more guerrilla warfare on the pretext “for the good of the environment.”

Wilson Tuckey portrayed as a feral Liberal Backbencher among the sophisticated corporate timber getters on the Solomons is wanting a secret ballot in the party room on ETS! Imagine if democracy of constituent representation gets through to the party room? Likened to the last bastion of bullying and intimidation. Likened to giving Women, Chinese, Aboriginal people the vote! Gay marriage is OK sexuality testing to enter Parliament discounted for security testing. We are accepting of paedophiles being family court judges, townies being Ministers for Agriculture, arts law graduates Ministers for Environment, gays Ministers for education and family affairs. Too much to ask for secret ballot in the party room on ETS which has massive implications for the people of Australia.

Farmers across Australia are being forced into selling to the crows circling the dry dam, their paper water rites to survive another dry year in hell feeding the nation on their farm overdraft. Farmers forced to pay for irrigation water never delivered because of the man made drought. Farmers have been denied their full quota of rainfall now for decades as corporates have profited by polluting the rainclouds.

With most of the renewable industry sent off shore, closed down for the good of the environment, politicians and bureaucrats are now a large portion of the workforce and voting public profiting from the affluent lifestyle generated it is said on “the mineral boom.” Cheap coal and oil dug out of the ground with iron ore, bauxite, silver, lead, zinc, tin and gold. Smeltered with cheap subsidised electricity generated with cheap coal at the expense of any farmers, foresters, fishermen down wind of the rain cloud polluting source.

The pollies and bureaucrats trot overseas on the taxpayers back to sell out rural Australia on free trade deals so they can import their trinkets and gadgets cheaply. Farmers competing with cheap imports not required the same standards of labour payment, food quality assurance, chemical contamination constraints, paying for such a parasitic bureaucracy to expertly oversee their affairs.

Yes it is suspected there is a revolution in ownership of water and land in Australia so the big shots can own the food bowl and then own the people. Farmers are being busted deliberately to force them off their farms. Denied drought aid, denied the truth that particulate pollution wofting off urban sprawl, paper pulp mills of cardboard kings, coal fired electricity generators and industrial smelters locally are destroying rainfall across Australia. Nothing to do with global warming or carbon dioxide. Particulate pollution stops moisture aggregating in rainclouds to form rail, hail or snow falling as intended. Moisture passes Australia and rains into the Pacific ocean!
Australia is losing 10-60+% efficiency of rainfall across the Murray Darling Basin. 50% of snow pack gone off the Upper Murray 1920-1990! Government knows but is not saying. CSIRO gets funding of over $40M pa to model climate change. Garbage in garbage out is how computer models are stilled viewed.

The horror fires across the seriously neglected vegetation of the Upper Murray Catchment denied cool fire, grazing or selective logging in lieu of tourism for the bureaucrats is now the turning point of crisis for the Murray river. Rain clouds polluted as they pass across urban sprawl, smelters and coal fired electricity, the pulp mills then strike the vast canopy burn of the 2003-9 high country holocausts. Dead forests are not attractive to snow or rain and head mute out to sea to self medicate on the moist salty sea breeze and drop their moisture back in the ocean.

Farmers forced off the high rainfall zone for lifestyle subdivisions, golf courses, tourist resorts or urban sprawl to buy an inland irrigation farm for their dairy, orchard market, garden or rice field are denied rain, snow, run off . Dwindling water supplies are redirected to the city policy makers anti logging, anti farming, anti fishing, anti cool fire, anti grazing. Tourism resorts made from our high country, fishing towns, rivers. Rural Australia left to burn and die of drought, thirst and famine as the affluent spend a mere 12% of their disposable income on food ripped off rural Australia. Cheap food, water sent to town. Farmers lucky to see 6 cents of the consumer dollar! Rural Australia denied services, denied a political voice, denied the truth on carbon trading! The rats run the animal house!

What about the Australia clause in the Kyoto agreement? Vegetation locked up and stolen from farmers not compensated 1990 to 2009! Carbon off sets to allow city squander to continue unchecked, unaccountable? Farming families sent into poverty and famine so the big end of town could continue to pollute and make merry in party politics. Proliferate inefficient archaic transport and electricity generating systems. Poor infrastructure the people will be forced to subsidise further if an ETS is adopted! As moral as the US taxpayers bailing out the corporate thieves in US banking and stock market!

Shut up city water catchments denied cool fire and grazing to prevent horror bushfire from destroying them possibly forever. Just collect the insurance and take irrigators water after the inevitable bushfire. No cool fire, this makes city life more pleasant enjoying only their own industrial smoke and not smoke generated to secure their water supply. Corporate city water profits maximised by no soot, no silt or animal waste in the city water catchment, resulting in water treatment savings in the short term but unsustainably long term as fire risk builds indefinitely. Government bureaucrats the beneficiaries of water corporate profits, paying themselves high wages to guard city water by boom gates, packs of dingo and doing nothing for public land management to secure the water, biodiversity or minimise the fire risk to the community.

Stockmen and foresters banished and vilified if they want to manage vegetation in the water shed to prevent bushfire or loss of run off. Farmers and foresters vilified for city centric greed, negligence and exploitation. Foresters setting about trying to harvest a fire safe renewable forest vilified and banished. Forests stolen on the pretext of conservation, good of the environment , now incinerated and killed indefinitely. Where is the Government commissioned science bad advice questioned now?

Alpine Ash forests mutilated by man made fuel loads 2003-9 could have made 9 million houses! Houses made now of cement and smelted metal very emissions extravagant! The fires of several weeks incinerating forests that would take decades to harvest and renew themselves! This is what the gang green in Government has delivered for the people of Australia! Paid themselves highly for bad advice doing nothing for public land or public service.

The paper media remain mute as fire suppression policies have been profitable. Soot is a bad paper contaminant. Curiously media have large exclusive tourist interests in national park water catchments to cater for resting and recreating bureaucrats taking a break from doing as little as possible for the Australian people. Selling off public utilities to keep paying high wages, closure of rural services, carbon off sets by planting trees to die in the drought for superannuation investment schemes. Public pay for the extra fire liability and loss of water run off. Insurance premiums and volunteer fire fighting.

What will an ETS do for Australia? Nothing unless particulate pollution is stopped and rainfall restored!

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