The common cardboard box breakfast cereal, the beer, along with a million other products arrive at the average household in has seen the two major Australian manufactures in court for price fixing to the tune of around $3.5 billion dollars.

Visy Board and Amcor colluded to conduct price fixing on a massive scale, playing their game of monopoly with thousands of their clients, who now seem destine to present a class action against these mongers of greed.

Like Alan Bond, Christopher Skase and the HIH insurance company, these corporate predators have come undone operating outside the law with the arrogance befitting the likes of American, Al Capone, who likewise flaunted the law, but in a more sinister manner using the gun instead of the pen.

Richard Pratt is chairman of Visy Board, who negotiated a unique agreement with the NSW government, in that his company has the “Visy Facilitation (ACT) of 1997” passed by the Bob Carr Labor parliament which almost gives him “Carte Blanche” to run his pulp paper mills in the Snowy Mountains, harvesting and processing at will, far removed from the Tasmanian Gunns Timber proposed pulp mill under businessman Richard Cousins and Bob Brown attack, not to mention the Greens Eco Terrorist who have cost that company millions of dollars.

Having government bestowed on him “Champion of the Order of Australia” and funding green groups all over the place, you must ask how could this happen to Sir Lancelot PRATT, Champion, of what now seems dishonest dealing on a mega scale.

SOS-NEWS has produced a publication “The Ratt Pack”, in pdf format, that will expose this network of collusion and greed having had it’s day in our courts with fines to Richard Pratt pocket change for one of Australia’s richest men.

Most of Australian do not know the Visy Board story, so feel free to pass this story around to your email buddies.

Read or download – “The Ratt Pack”

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