NSW RTA To Restrict Older Drivers to 10 Kilometres

The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority is targeting over 85 year old drivers (you will be there one day) to be restricted to a 10 kilometer distance from their residence, and/or a sunset to sunrise curfew and you have until FRIDAY to submit your comments before it becomes LAW.Monash University study has revealed older drivers are the safest drivers we have on the roads and that a world research finding is that aged base mandatory testing is a total failure.

Who gave the RTA the right to classify our older drivers in the first instance?

NSW Roads Minister Roozendaal
This is discrimination at it’s best, the blackmail option to our seniors is that if this restriction is not approved then 12 month driver test will be required, as they are for 85 and over now. will remain compulsory for those seniors.
Can you imagine the stress on these people applied by this bureaucratic driven dictatorship by restricting them to 10 kilometers and persistent driver testing.

How do seniors travel to Hospital that are outside the 10 Kilometer restriction when there are no beds or care available and they are required to travel around the NSW hospital carousel looking for help?

Not mentioned in their “Licensing of Older Driver Discussion Paper” – Click Here to download and read this 8 page paper, is that statistics back to when they started to be collected reveal that older drivers are the safest on the road.

Consider! 85 year olds do not drive while speaking on a mobile phone, never do burnouts, never become involved in street racing, yet the RTA figures do prove that the people in the age group that conduct these infringements are the top of the list as dangerous drivers and the most involved in fatal accidents.

To consider that a 10 kilometer limit, or even more ridiculous, the sunset to sunrise curfew, be considered to restrict our aged driver could only have been presented by the intellectually challenged who maintain senior position in the bureaucracy, with the sad part is that Minister Eric Roozendaal listens to these people.

Now one day you will be in this 85 year age group and subjected to this 4th Reich legislation if you sit on your hands and do not voice you outrage. The other changes they are proposing if to change from 85 to 75 year old requiring medical test, which pensioners will be required to pay for.

If an 85 year old need to change their license status driver testing – cost of around $70 would be required for every test the RTA demands.

The RTA mentions dementia, have a graph in the paper that presents their story without the comparison to those other age group drivers, however the second graph show 18 to 50 year olds involved in fatal accidents exceed the 60 – 85 year olds, which give no credence to this bloody stupid taxpayer, funded which hunt on the aged drivers.

Mentioned in the paper is rural areas of NSW hosting most of our 80 year olds that would be subjected to the 10 kilometers – “how far is it to town and the shops” Mr Roozendaal. They have a town to shops option but if you change address of any circumstances in come the driver testing at the drop of the hat being paid for every time by the discriminated against drivers.

Who will replace the senior drivers that are the tireless angels devoting their time and vehicles to keep “Meals On Wheels” operating, plus the hospital car pools taking seniors for medication and doctor appointments Mr Roozendaal?

It is and insult to our senior people Mr Roozendaal, what has you parents had to say about your pending legislation sir? You can put a stop to this stupidity Mr Roozendall with the stroke of your pen, but have you the spine to stand up for our seniors in your party room and just how much control do the RTA public servants have over you.


Submission must be emailed or received by this FRIDAY 19th OCTOBER

Read the discussion paper which is only 8 pages long – Click Here… THEN

Put it down in an email what you think of their bloody minded pending legislation and send it ..RIGHT NOW to – licensing_olderdrivers_comments@rta.nsw.gov.auYou will be one day restricted to this stupidity if you do not make the effort NOW to tell them what you think.

There are so far 9000 submissions according to the Minister so lets give them your thoughts as well.

Legislation never gets reversed so this is your last chance

Pass this to everyone on your email address book NOW.

Email The Minister: enquiries.roads@roozendaal.minister.nsw.gov.au

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