Governments Now Corporations and Own Your Land -PART II

Good Morning Everyone,

Annoyed Person Prior to reading this may I suggest that you print off the attached documents which have been prepared by Mr David Walter and read them carefully.

The documents are self explanatory.  If you believe that they are correct and you believe that we should all stand up and be counted please forward this email to the following:- Governor General of Australia – Facsimile number;_ (02) 6281 3760 Prime Minister of Australia the Hon John Howard MP Tel: 02) 6277 7700 Fax: 02) 6273 4100 Electorate office:

Tel: 02) 9816 1300 Fax: 02) 9816 1349 Let the Governor of Q’land know you know what is happening: 

Fax – 07) 3858 5701 Email is : The Bankers Association is at :

Email: – Attention Mr David Bell.

Leader of the Opposition Mr Kevin Rudd Attention: Melissa Email: Mr Rudd’s office asked that you please make your concerns known.

Premier of Queensland Anna Bligh Her address:- Attention: The Premier When writing to the Bankers Association suggest that maybe they would like to ask the State Government about how we are to pay off our land as they have greatly reduced the value of our land – we have no common law or equity in our land.

To advise Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of the current situation with our land in Queensland – email the prewritten letter with your name and address on it to the Privy Council in England, Her Majesty will be notified.


We do not have a facsimile for that address.

Yesterday John Howard announced the Election Date.  Before the people of Australia go to the voting boxes, they need to understand what has happened to their personal rights and land rights, and what has been done to the governmental institutions that are supposed to be there to protect the people of Australia. 

All have been removed.

This is not a conspiracy theory.  This is not our personal opinion.  This is all FACT, and can be found written in black and white in the law books of Australia and in the continually-being reprinted Constitution of Queensland. 
The Commonwealth has been watching this for the last 9 years.  Our federal government has known what is going on and has condoned it by their silence.  They have been watching Beattie and seeing if the Australia people will wake up to it.  Mr Rudd said on television yesterday that he ‘was going to fix the Federation” if elected!!

This is shocking information, absolutely inconceivable to most of you.  Those amongst us who have been working on this information, especially those who work within the legal profession, have been shocked and angry at the blatant removal of peoples’ rights without one politician seeming to stand up and warn the people. 

In Queensland, this all started with the National Party, (read the following information pages) with the Labour Party quickly enforcing all the changes possible under the new controls.  When Peter Beattie removed the Constitution of Queensland in 2001 and replaced it with the New Qld Constitution, all the politicians in Parliament House passed and applauded the ‘new regime’. 

This has also happened in NSW, and if we had the time and the resources, we would also look at the Constitutions of every other State in this country. 

Ordinary people like yourselves have been reading this attached information, and saying that they simply cannot believe that our government has done this to us.  “Is this really true?” YES, IT IS TRUE, AND THE FACT IS – THEY HAVE DONE IT! 

This information personally affects you all.  The following letters and court cases were sent to every politician in this country yesterday, ASKING THEM HOW THEY LET IT HAPPEN.  Today the Banks, and every ordinary Australian is being sent this information.  You are one of them, and I would hope you would then pass this on to everyone you know. 

It is a long document, and it is hard to read.  BUT IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU READ IT.  It presumes that you understand most things, and that you know about how all the governmental institutions work.  You may not, but you will, upon reading, understand that all rural and residential land in Queensland (and NSW) is now under the ownership of the government of that State, (which in Qld has been made into a Corporation, and is not a governing body any more) and that you no longer own what you paid for, or pay taxes and rates on, and your equity in your land is worthless.

Your land, in Queensland, is being used as ‘collateral’ by the government.  It is now their wealth base. 

Why now are we writing to you?  Because on Thursday 3rd October 2007, several Queensland court cases went through the High Court of Australia and the Judges presiding made rulings over residential and rural land that effectively removes all land ownership from the people of Queensland, and puts that land ownership squarely into the hands of our State Government.  On 3rd October 2007 the ruling that ‘fee simple’ and the ‘common law’ are now no longer recognised in Queensland, and upheld by the High Court of Australia, means that we no longer are part of the Commonwealth, and that we no longer have ownership or say in our land, and that Queensland is a separate entity that can make its own laws. 

We also know the situation is the same in NSW in the Peter Spencer case.  Read and educate yourself. 

To make it easier reading, here are a few explanations.

1.  Governor removed, and placed into the Qld Parliament.  Exp: Under the New Queensland Constitution of Queensland 2001 these are the people who are now in the Parliament and are quite clearly placed there to protect the assets of the State.

1)  The Premier/President refer section 92 Constitution of Queensland 2001.

2)  The Ministers of “the State”

3)  The public officials of “the State” – like the Police, who are no longer public servants of the Crown to serve us but public servants of “the State”, to tell us what to do on behalf of “the State”, and have their powers delegated to them from the Minister of the State.

4)  The Supreme and District Courts and the Judges of those Courts.

5)  The Legislative Assembly who only has one vote and the Premier has the vote of veto on anything.

6)  The Local Government Councils
7)  The Governor – who is now a parliamentary secretary to the Premier who conducts the daily business of the corporation of the State and with the use of the Public Seal of the State, seals all documents signed by the Crown.

8)  Last but not least – the people. 

As previously described, we, the people are part of the Government corporation.
The common law has been removed from the Supreme Court Act 1995 which now follows the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules.  The Governor is the ‘Queen’s’ or the ‘Sovereign’s’ or the ‘Crown’s’ representative in each state, put there to protect you from incorrect governing, or incorrect politics, that may happen at any time.  That is called the “Separation of Powers”, and means that the Queen as our Sovereign had a separate protective person in place, just in case you, the people, got ‘ripped off’ by your governing bodies.  The Governor in Queensland was removed from that ‘no party allegiance’ position (done by the National Party, and ALL politicians knew what was happening) and given a position INSIDE the Queensland Government, thereby effectively making the Governor part of the Queensland Government and under the Premier’s control.

2.  The Government Corporation, or the ‘Brigalow Corporation’.  Exp: The Queensland Government is no longer a governing body, but instead made itself a business corporation.  Just read the letter heads on paperwork you receive from any State office.  They called the new business of governing the land of the people of Queensland the “Brigalow Corporation” under which all the land in our state has been removed from our ownership
– to be used as collateral for this Corporation?

3.  “Fee simple” Exp:  the term used to describe your ownership of your freehold land.  It is your total right to name yourself as the owner and user of that land, and the ‘Crown’ or the ‘Sovereign’ or the ‘Queen’ has deeded that land to you when you paid for it.  It is a legal right to do whatever you want with your land, without interference from anyone else, including governments.

4.  Voting in Australia Exp:  If Kevin Rudd and John Howard have agreed to the removal of Queensland and New South Wales from the Constitutional government of Australia, and agreed that these States are separate bodies, how then can they call on the people of Australia to vote for them?  Queensland is now a separate ‘country’, with its own rules and regulations.  New South Wales is part-way to the same result.  Both these gentlemen hold seats in what is now “technically” not part of the Commonwealth of Australia.

5.  The Constitution and its role Exp:  The Constitution of Australia is the ‘Bible’ or ‘guidebook’ on how the people of Australia are to be governed.  The Constitutions of each of the States is subordinate to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution and each State cannot make its own rules about our Common Law rights without our permission via referendum.  If they do so, they are actually destroying these laws and leaving us undefended, unprotected and ungoverned democratically.  That is EXACTLY what is happening here. 

Australia needs a Bill of Rights to protect ourselves and our property.  We all, as the sovereign people of Australia
– present and future generations, need to have our rights and our property protected – so that we can live our lives and make a living without the over regulatory approached now favoured by our politicians and bureaucrats.

Remember it is we the people who elect these politicians and the public officials are there to work for the people and implement the policies and laws of the government.  However to have laws passed by those elected members which remove our rights to how we can use our land – (even to repair and maintain it productively means we have to have a permit to do so now – see Wilson v Raddatz and Glasgow v Hall) means – and this has been clearly stated by the Queensland Court of Appeal in Bone v Mothershaw by Judge McPherson JJA – we have been ”
stripped of virtually all the powers which make ownership of land of any practical utility or value.” There is no redress for any of us from these laws in any Court in the Commonwealth of Australia and no compensation.  The High Court of Australia upheld Bone v Mothershaw [2002] QCA120.

This information is only the tip of the iceberg.  But please read it.  You, the Banks, the media, The Governor General of Australia and the Governor in every State, the Queen, the Privy Council of England, the Premiers of each State, and anyone else we can think of will receive a copy. 

For your interest, DJ Walter just contacted the Prime Minister’s electorate office and was told not to bother sending the information.  They are apparently disinterested, however his contact number is available for those who wish to forward the information to him.

Mr Rudd’s office did accept the information and would like to clearly to know your thoughts and your difficulties with this situation.  This is in no way a political statement, it is merely what they asked us to give them.

Now YOU have to also write or fax or email each of these people.  We have to let them know that we are angry and we want our country, our rights and our original Constitution back, NOW.  After that, any changes are to come about must come through a Referendum of the People. 

Do not sit back and think that everyone else will do this.  You must do it too!  These people have to be flooded with letters of concern so that they react.  Please print off and fill in the letter attached, email it to the Queen.  Then forward your version of this whole email to each of the listed emails (or their faxes) so they know many people are angry, and that you’re emailing this to everyone else.  Make them react!!

Print off this information and take it to everyone you know who does not have an email address.  Make them read it. 

Do not sit back – please defend yourselves and all that you thought you safely owned in Australia, including your freedom. 

If you have any problems you may contact me at the below mentioned telephone number or David Walter on 07)
4096 3009 or or Sue Maynes on 02) 6345 1254 or email

Relevant documnets to read:

1. Letter to Her Majesty the Queen

2. Citizens Rights 

Yours respectfully,
Linda Hewitt
Qld 4455
Ph 07 46233707

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