Pathology staff daily exposed to diseased refugee cleared by immigration

Major Pathology service provider employees have serious concern among fellow workers with refugee health issues purported to be cleared by government when entering Australia.

Tuberculous, Hepatitis, Dengue fever, Syphilis, and all alphabet of Hepatitis is a daily gauntlet run by staff includes children suffering these serious issues.

Refugees flooded Australia with 50,000 by boat and 120,000 by aircraft all fast tracked through security and medical clearance sanctioned by government political agenda.

Government denial with compliant mainstream media smother publication that Australia is under siege to imported diseases,out of control vicious criminals, and perpetual threats to our national security.

A complacent nation never hosting a theater of war or internal conflict, once admired world wide for our guarded healthy population we have moved full forward in reverse by doing nothing outside of being government subservient.

Enjoy today, tomorrow is but a dream.

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