Trump Stepping in Dog Sh**

Trump was supposed to be the voice of reason where US aggression and disruption of democratic  governments it didn’t like were at threat from the Clintonesque cartel.

By deposing tyrants who maintained stability in tribal nations where no other could exist such as Iraq and  Libya; we have witnessed the death and devastation such US foreign policies have wreaked.

The US fomented civil war in the Ukraine by those such as Victoria Nuland and Senator Caine have seen the destruction and killing of so many innocents.

The desire to depose Assad from Syria is the next step in US aggression where the US has an Agenda.

What is that Agenda? Well it is quite clear the common denominator throughout the US sphere of domination across the Middle East and Europe; is the Russians.

Russia has one naval base in the Mediterranean and this is in Syria.

Russia has one major long standing naval base of consequence in the Black Sea; and this is Sebastopol in the Crimea. A Province/State of the Ukraine, until the people of that area saw the need to be under the control of Russia and so; democratically for the Province, overwhelmingly voted to secede from Ukraine and go with Putin. The same place their democratically elected, but US deposed President was forced to escape to, to stay alive.

Like the lack of evidence the US had when the Malaysian airliner was shot from the skies over the Ukraine – even though they shouted loudly they had proof which never ever materialised – now US hawks want to bomb Assad from office because they are ALLEGED to have dropped gas.

It is clear the US care little about ISIS or rebel militia killing people. In fact if the US wasn’t sponsoring Rebel forces which often are linked directly and indirectly to ISIS; the war in Syria would have been over years ago.

Assad – in the absence of irrefutable proof, which has yet to be tendered – had no reason whatsoever to use poisonous gas on his enemies. He knew such an action would bring about the condemnation of his position. He did not need to militarily and would not do so politically. For him such an action was always a very big no win action for him to pursue.

Now ISIS, and or the Rebels; clearly have much to gain by waiting for the right bombing raid on the right target to unleash such a weapon. A weapon we might add is believed by more than not, they have used in previous publically known gas attacks so as to blame Assad and his regime in an effort to garner the world’s support. A support they have decried as not getting.

Ever asked yourselves why the US never unleashed their nuclear submarines to hunt for the missing airliner over the Indian southern Ocean? Let them look in the wrong area of sea.

Ever wondered why President Putin seems to survive while the US desperately has tried every trick in the book from sanctions to demonising him?

Ever wondered why the US so wants to relieve another country of its leader so it can end up as the basket case of continuous war such as, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya currently are due to US Policy?

A barrel bomb is just a hellfire missile or a submarine launched cruise missile in a different casing; that’s all. In this US tonnage of high explosives dropped from the sky dwarfs anyone else’s.

President Putin may not be an Angel, but he seems be well in front of any other global power leader who is able to intercede and get things done without constant body bits flying from bullets and explosives. The US is well aware of their failings and Putin’s homeland and international public support, and hence the news of the world and the global leader’s actions have all been about attempting to destroy him. God save the world if they do.

I had more faith in Trump’s ability to assess a situation; now it seems he says goodnight to Hillary as he nods off to sleep.

Brumbyy (With 2 Ys)

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