Could the Planet suffer another Great Flood?

In a recent paper by Dr Sternfloss and Dr Brushell  from Sydney, Australia , the possibility of a link between human carbon dioxide emissions and an unstoppable flood of Biblical proportions has emerged.

The pair were working on establishing a link between dental periodontal disease and climate change, building on the recently established  linkage of Diabetes and climate change as part of a Masters thesis for Batchelor of Dental Public Health. The pair were investigating the even closer correlation between increases in diabetes incidence increases and calls for drastic action on climate issues. While investigating how such mechanisms could operate, the pair postulated that rapid global warming could create powerful updrafts like a hailstorm on a massive scale, resulting in a flood of Biblical proportions.

Using IPCC global warming model predictions and the settled science of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming and climate change, the pair postulated that massive updrafts of warm, moist air would rise to well above the level that would normally result in precipitation. The large updraft would keep this precipitation from falling to the earth as rain or  hail. Eventually the large amount of undercooled water held higher in the atmosphere than normal would start precipitating, a bit like the mechanism of a hail storm. But here comes the problem- the scale of undercooling would create a vacuum as the vast quantities of undercooled water and enormous hailstones fell to earth. This in turn would suck up vast quantities of warm, moist air from man-made global warming and climate change in to the higher than normal excessively cold regions above where the precipitation originated. It is postulated that a vortex would form, sucking the vast quantities of water vapour in the atmosphere from around the entire atmosphere in to the colder upper reaches of the atmosphere, to fall through the area where the precipitation began. The vortex would continue sucking in moist air to be cooled and precipitated rapidly, perpetuating the vacuum effect and precipitation from the water vapour precipitated by being sucked in to colder sections of the atmosphere. This effect would persist until almost all of the water vapour in the atmosphere was sucked in to the vortex and precipitated.

It is estimated that if all the water vapour in the atmosphere were to be precipitated out, global sea levels would rise by  about 100 metres +/- 1.5 orders of magnitude. Modelling of the vortex system shows that the process would take just 3 weeks to suck approximately 85% of the planet’s atmospheric water vapour and precipitate it out. This rate of precipitation , average of approximately 170mm per hour continuous over a 3 week period over the entire planet would be almost impossible to deal with without building a magnificent vessel well in advance.

This rate of precipitation would make moving to higher ground nearly impossible. Emergency services would not be able to move people under these conditions. Roads would be impassable within minutes of the deluge beginning.

As over 75 % of the planet’s human population lives within 100 metres above our currently rapidly rising sea levels, almost every single one of these people would perish. This would be a flood of Biblical proportions.

Drs Sternfloss and Brushell at first thought the Biblical Flood could not have been caused by modern humans, but a chance discussion with an anthropologist colleague revealed evidence of previous human civilizations well before the Anthropocene era. These former civilizations could well have made the same fatal error as our current civilization of burning fossil fuels, overloading the atmosphere with carbon dioxide pollution , resulting in catastrophic global warming and climate change and resulting in a flood which totally destroyed and almost totally obliterated all trace of this previous civilization.

This was the link that virtually proved the hypothesis to be worthy of publication and to totally justify the authors’ conclusion that humans must cease the use of all fossil fuels immediately to prevent even the most minute possibility of such a catastrophic flood.

Further suggestions in the discussion section of this paper recommended that the human population of the planet be limited to a maximum of 500 million. Questions were raised  about who will have the power to decide who shall live and who must die, especially considering that 94% of the population would have to be culled to adhere to the recommendations. It was postulated that the United Nations would most likely decide they would be the ones to gladly conduct the depopulation program, funded by taxes on carbon dioxide to combat climate change.

The authors also made recommendations that dental patients regularly brush and floss their teeth to prevent periodontal disease and attend the dentist at least once a year.

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