Public Servant abuse of insurance claims is appalling

I have raised this story in case you missed this exposure of public servant abuse of insurance claims where our fearless leader in Canberra, Vaucluse vacuum Malcolm Turnbull should have his bean counters culling in place of impoverishing pensioners of Australia.

KOOKY compo claims cost taxpayers nearly $60 million in legal bills fighting public servants­’ claims for expenses such as breast reductions, lawn-mowing and massages.

Federal government workers’ compensation insurer Comcare tallied a $1.8 million legal bill defending eight high-profile cases over the past two years. Comcare’s legal costs totalled­ $57.7 million over four years, including $38 million charged by private lawyers.

It also paid out $9.2 million to injured bureaucrats after losing legal battles.

Comcare has revealed it spent $22,935 fighting a claim by an obese Australian Bureau of Statistics clerk who demanded free lawn mowing, claiming “psychological injury’’ due to harassment and discrimination at work.

He said he could no longer mow due to fatigue, dizziness and sweating but the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) ruled that his wife and two university student children were all capable of the task.

Comcare spent $63,836 defending an Australian Taxation Office worker’s claim she needed longer coffee breaks to find cafes which used organic coffee­ and soy milk. The woman claimed to have an “adjustment disorder’’ after her boss questioned her time sheets.

In a more serious matter, Comcare fought all the way to the High Court over an ABC producer’s “breakdown’’ after missing out on a new job. Peta Martin sought compensation for an adjustment disorder due to bullying and a “toxic atmosphere­’’ but Comcare refused to pay, citing “reasonable administrative­ action­’’.

Comcare has now spent more than $291,858 fighting the case, which dragged through the AAT, the Federal Court and the High Court — which ruled in Comcare’s favour but ordered that it pay Ms Martin’s legal costs.

Source: Daily Telegraph Monday March 13 2017
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