Governments Now Are Corporations and OWN YOUR LAND

As a citizen of the Commonwealth of Australia, protected and administered under the Australian Constitution, I am asking each and every parliamentarian of each state government, why not even one of you have stood forth in your role as a elected Servant of the People, to protect them from this ‘theft’ of their rights, their possessions and their citizenship.

The following information was passed to me and has given me awful concern for both my family and the families of Australia.  I would impress upon you the urgency to read it and have added this information to assist in you making that decision.

I am forwarding this to every person to Australia that I can, the newspapers, television stations, radio stations, and to the United Nations and her Majesty the Queen in London to show and describe how far the rights of the sovereign People of Australia are no longer respected and protected under the Constitution of Australia by our elected representatives in both the States and Federal governments.

In the attached documents, the Governor of Qld was removed from the position of governor, which is the Crown or Separation of Powers, and was placed into the Qld Parliament as a public servant on the 29 January 1999.

This was done by the leader of the National party in Qld, Mr Robb Borbidge by placing a bill on the table of parliament. 

Even at that stage the parliament did not have to pass a law or assent to it in the parliament to remove the governor or pass any laws.

All that was necessary was to leave it on table of parliament for a period of 12 months and then under Acts Interpretation Act it automatically picks itself up, reprints itself into a law without parliament even voting!!!!!

I am personally astounded by this.  Why then do we even have a parliament if they are not necessary in the process of making laws that affect the People of this country????

Why have the People not been told this????

Why do you politicians condone this ‘theft”????

In 2001, as is clearly described in documents by Mr Walter I have attached and which have been sent to the Governor of Australia, the Prime Minister John Howard, the Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd, and the President of the Senate – the parliament of QLD, passed the Constitution of QLD and the People were broadly told this was possible because the members were democratically elected.

These people were not elected with a mandate to remove the People’s rights, but to protect them and swore an oath to do so.

In doing so, the parliament of QLD took all property, possessions and our land, into the government corporation, the Brigalow Corporation.  The people did not at any time vote to have this done.

Shareholders of this corporation are the ministers of the Qld government and the Premier, who now has the vote of veto over our personal and private property .  Public servant are now not public servants of the Crown – but of the state!

I refer to words of Judge White in the attached notes, in the matter of defending a 73 year old lady, Mrs Burns “Russia would be proud of these laws.”

To you the governing bodies of Australia I say – “This is not protection of the people – it is theft.”

There is no common law in QLD as it has been removed from the law of Qld and all that remains in civil law.  You would be well advised to read all the attached notes, some of you may still have some humanity remaining and will be as shocked as I was. 

Do not forget, we are not a civil law country.

The QLD government now owns all that an individual has because the people are now not individuals but individuals and corporations.

This includes both fee simple/private land and aboriginal land – as Mr Walters describes – none own their land any more – it is all held under the Brigalow Corporation of the Government of Qld.

All must do as they are told or suffer the consequences.  This is not democracy!  How did you all allow this to happen?  Or is it part of the planning for all States of Australia?

The Qld government passed this without the People’s vote, bringing both the government, ministers, courts, judges and all judiciary into the Qld government.  There is no longer a Separation of Powers. 

All public servants are inside the government. 

The ex-Premier/President of Qld who swore on oath to protect the Constitution, then stated he “can’t wait to see a republic”, used his new constitutional act to go behind an 84 year old referendum which cancelled the legislative council, then took all the positions out of that legislative council, for the staff he required.

He has now made the People of Qld subject to certain chosen parts of the Australia Act, where he does not recognize the Australian Constitution, although the documentation has misled the People into thinking otherwise. 
Even the Appeals Court of Qld has upheld this Qld government removal of rights and the disregard of the Australian Constitution.

Yet politicians in every party, in every state most particularly Qld seem to care nothing for this blatant removal of the very basis of this great country. 

If Qld does not recognize the Australian Constitution, how then can you have a Writ for an Election?

Qld cannot be in any vote in this election, because the court cases of Bone & Mothershaw (included in the documentation), state that Qld is a sovereign state and can make any laws over land they want, fine and punish each and every individual as they want and no person has the right of recourse to justice in this state.  If this is the case, then Qld no longer belongs to the Commonwealth of Australia and can not participate in the Federal election of Australia.

If the People no longer have any rights of ownership over their land, but must obey not only the current laws, but those yet to come, then they have no equity in their land. 

If the People have no equity in their land, then the banks also have no equity in the land, and must also suffer the consequences of loans that no longer carry a basis for the money.

In fact, both the People and the banks only own a piece of paper, the actual physical land now resides under the ownership of the Qld Brigalow Corporation.

What monies are being borrowed by this Brigalow Corporation using the land that has been ‘stolen’ from its legitimate owners as collateral?

What will happen when both the People and the banks truly understand this?

Is every State and Federal minister ready for the chaos that will result in an ultimate destruction of the whole financial system of this country?

Will yours be one of the names listed as destroying this country?

When hard working citizens are punished so severely by all the courts in Qld, and by the High Court of Australia, ( see attached notes)  then all is lost in this fine country .  Fee simple land ownership no longer exists under the corporate structure of governments.  The people have had all their rights totally removed.

This country is no longer a democracy but a totalitarian state.

Why should any other state politician concern themselves with QLD, you may ask.

Currently NSW is using both Bone & Mothershaw and the Mrs Burns cases (particularly in rulings in the Peter Spencer cases) to support decisions that indicate they not only support the Qld rulings, but are starting to see themselves as outside the Australian Constitution as well.  It also appears that NSW has removed its Governor in some manner as did Qld.

So we in NSW cannot vote either.

Where does this leave Mr Howard and Mr Rudd, who hold seats in the 2 states that are now no longer part of the Commonwealth?  And both are leaders of the 2 parties who are participating in this ‘theft’.

And in fact, if all states follow this dangerous path and remove themselves and the People of those states, via this Corporate structure, from the Commonwealth of Australia, then all that is left is to cancel the Federal & State governments, because, ladies and gentlemen – you will no longer exist.

Unless you like to apply for a seat on the corporate board!

As to this pretence of giving the People a vote in the maintenance and protection of both this country and the Constitution via this coming election, I feel completely unable to vote for any party, as none of them have stepped forward in any way to protest this long-developing situation.  My vote will be counted as a ‘donkey vote’.  I wonder how many more you may expect.

This email will be going forward to every person I am able to reach.  All comments and replies will be collated for forwarding to the International Courts as that may be the People of Australia’s only continuing protection.

Documents concerning this issue, which are compulsory reading, can be displayed by clicking on the links below.

1.  Introduction
2.  Letter to the Governor
3.  Information Paper

Yours as a member of the People under Australian Constitutional Common Law.
Sue & Lindsay Maynes
Berkeley Woodstock 2793 NSW Australia
02 63451254

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