The poor showing of One Nation and the Liberals in Western Australia comes as no surprise to SOS-NEWS.

We published an article warning about the antics of Hanson advisor James Ashby and his close ties to the Liberal party and one of its influential members Mal Brough, both of whom have been accused of pulling Pauline Hanson’s strings.

The One Nation-Liberal nexus does not seem to realise that Prime Minister Turnbull is toxic-very toxic and is a republican and a bankers’ lackey to boot. Now James Ashby, Pauline’s only advisor is also tainted with the same brush.

Bob Katter refers to Turnbull as ‘the Member for Goldman Sachs’ the large merchant bank for whom Turnbull worked and remains an associate.

Pauline now has to regroup, remove any undue influences and disloyal advisors

Pauline made a big mistake not running with a banking industry Royal Commission, instead taking a seat on a lame duck senate banking inquiry, a move by Turnbull to appease the disaffected bush and thousands of dispossessed farmers.

She told ABC Radio this morning everywhere she went on polling day people asked her why she did the preference deal with the WA Liberals who backed One Nation against their traditional partner, the Nationals.

Although these days the Nationals are no more than Liberals wearing Akubras, the best example being Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce who no longer backs the rights of gun owners, supports mandatory vaccination, is a rabid free trader and de-regulator and carries a dislike of the working class on his lapel.

These newfound National’s policies fly in the face of traditional One Nation’s original direction.

The WA result for the Liberals and Nationals will hang uneasily on the consciences of their Queensland counterparts and no doubt will prompt the Queensland Labor Party into calling an early election.

At the time of going to press it seems out of 50 candidates One Nation will be lucky to get one elected.

The Queensland election looms leaving Pauline with no option but to distance herself as far as she can from Liberals and Labor.

Pauline should realise that supping with the devil will give her more than indigestion.

In Queensland One Nation no longer appeals to the religious right. Since One Nation imploded in the Sunshine State 15 years ago, the churches once attracted to Pauline and her then intelligent policies have deserted.  Queensland Nationals Senator Ron Boswell was tasked to undermine One Nation support throughout the bible-belt of the south east.

Boswell, now retired, infiltrated the national headquarters of the influential Assembly of God church at Mt Gravatt, demonising Hanson and most of what she stood for, particularly Islamic immigration issues.

She has never retaken this ground.

James Hunter Ashby

If she is serious about regaining any influence in her home state, Pauline now has to regroup, remove any undue influences and disloyal advisors, listen to her membership and hope she can entice support from the state’s loose-knit freedom parties into forming an alliance.

One Nation desperately needs the likes of Katters Australia Party and its enviable track record in Parliament to form some sort of alliance in the hope of displacing the party duopoly in Queensland.

To redeem herself with her traditional troops this is the only way out for Pauline.

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