Sue Maynes “FLORA NEWS” Exposes Govt Land Theft

Awaiting events to come to fruition and court cases to resume, Sue Maynes has not published the “FLORA news for sometime, but the new one is out today.

“Quoting from the newsletter… a fact by your Downunder 4th Reich Dictators”

“After the death of her husband, a Lady continued to work until retirement loomed then move to land they had bought for retirement. She then applied to divide the land & sell one part, in order to afford to build on the other half.

No way, said an official person. Even though there is no bird covenant over your land, the Mahogany Glider might want to nest on your land, might want to fly over it, might want to do something on it. And the bird is more important than you. You can continue to own the land, and pay rates for it, but you cannot divide it, sell it or build on it”.

Sue Maynes introduction of this “Flora News” states, “this is the most important newsletter I will ever send to you.”

Many of you now live in states where your common law rights are non-existent in the courts, in your dealings with government, in the way the police deal with you.

Others have seen their assets stolen by those in whom we place our trust – banks & financial corporations – sanctioned by govt.

How can this be?

How can we go from a peaceful, wealthy, happy nation to one in which fear controls our actions, and an uncertain future is looming?

Maybe this issue will provide the answer.

More importantly, maybe this issue will also provide the solution.

“Theft of Australia

Information on Constitutional issues,

our Land Ownership Rights and

whether Government can do what they tell us they can.”

Let’s make this even simpler to understand.

Look at your body, it operates under the laws of nature, thriving with the proper food, liquid, exercise. Natural rights each of us are entitled to.

A cancer creeps in, finds a home in a portion of your body and proceeds to build its own structure. With the end aim of taking over & perhaps killing you.

There is nothing illegal about this cancer, it comes from your own body, feeds from your own body, but it is against the law of nature as it creates its own kingdom INSIDE your body, taking over your right to health.

Now we constantly hear reference to tax loopholes – usually found by the wealthy with the assistance of high priced lawyers. Government get wind of these loopholes and close them.
Government have simply found a loophole in the Constitution – except it is a loophole that is turning the people of Australia into slaves, with no personal liberties, no right of ownership and no ability to protect themselves legally.

Who closes it down when government finds a loophole – this time in the very structure of the governance of our country?

We, the people do!

FLORA newsletters a must read, with Sue Maynes leading the charge on Government theft of your land and removal of “Fee Simple” titles.

The new issue we have received today and it is available to download from our website at…


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