Will One Nation members remove Ashby

Pauline Hanson has the national political arena clamouring at her feet but there is an odium of dejavu as many pundits fear the reborn party will implode yet again.

The public sacking of four candidates over minor indiscretions has marred a perfect start to a public resurgence of anti-Islam sentiment, a policy effectively harnessed by Hanson.

Her burgeoning loyalist movement has been refuelled in part by the suspected Islam-motivated killing of six pedestrians in Melbourne two weeks ago when a rabid Greek, allegedly a latter day Muslim convert driving a car, apparently mowed down numerous people walking along the footpath near Flinders Street Railway Station.

The murderous driver, Dimitrious “Jimmy” Gargasoulas, was filmed doing donuts and yelling obscenities (some witnesses say he was mentioning Allah) at an intersection before driving off along a footpath at speed wiping out six innocent shoppers and injuring another 14.

One Nation’s electoral stocks are bolstered each time such incidents occur, but it seems the party’s stunning performance could be stymied by personalities.

The perceived fly in the Hanson ointment is one James Hunter Ashby, a former Liberal staffer for disgraced former Speaker of the House of Representatives  Peter Slipper.

Ashby Pauline’s personal pilot

Ashby is now Hanson’s closest advisor and personal pilot, who has been accused of totally dominating her, from media appearances, speeches, dealing with candidates and policies to much of her personal life.

One Nation’s erstwhile party president Ian Nelson has been widely acclaimed for holding the party together during its public upheavals over the past 20 years.

This time around, Nelson was pushed right out and remains bitter about Ashby.

Many supporters feel Ashby is just another Liberal ‘ spy and white ant’ sent by Liberal and Nationals mandarins to subvert the party and Hanson, in a similar mode to David Oldfield that succeeded, another advisor sacked by Hanson 14 years ago. Oldfield then won a seat in the NSW Upper House.

In 2002 Health Minister Tony Abbott and Liberal Treasurer Peter Costello’s father in law, Peter Coleman bankrolled a legal challenge against Hanson that eventually saw her jailed allegedly for electoral funding fraud in 2003 by the Queensland Labor Government of megalomaniac Premier, Peter Beattie

Some supporters claim Hanson is mesmerised by Ashby, and describe him as a particularly dangerous and volatile character with longstanding links to the Liberal Party — one who loves to make things blow up, such as throwing mobile phones around when having an argument.

AFP raid for Slipper evidence shown here with Ashby in his home print shop. 

Ashby stands accused by Nelson of blackmailing One Nation candidates into buying election material from his print shop or face losing pre-selection.

This is a serious charge that could be investigated by the Queensland Electoral Commission.

This self-appointed One Nation gatekeeper allegedly vets all email and media traffic to Pauline Hanson or the party and has been accused of taking over the personal Facebook site of sacked Cairns candidate Peter Rogers.

Rogers said he had an abusive call from Ashby when he was sacked from the party for having a reference on his site to the alleged 1996 Port Arthur massacre.

It is widely known this incident was a government sponsored psychological operation when 35 people allegedly were shot by a long haired gunman, now proven not to be Martin Bryant.

It is also known within party circles that in 1999 Pauline Hanson was thoroughly briefed about the Port Arthur subterfuge. In fact when she mentioned it to the media at the time she was pilloried by News Ltd, Fairfax and the ABC.

Ashby would do well to ask senate President Stephen Parry about his role in preparing for Port Arthur when he was an undertaker in Tasmania during 1996.

After several years of investigation into “Ashbygate” by Independent Australia political correspondent Dr Martin Hirst, culminating in Ross Jones’ outstanding book of the same name , it clearly showed that, while working for Speaker Peter Slipper, Ashby was also working undercover as an agent of the Liberal Party to undermine and destroy him. This he achieved in spectacular style.

In a similar ploy, the Spy Catcher, Malcolm Turnbull has been accused by One Nation party members of assigning Liberal Party mole James Ashby to infiltrate and destroy One Nation

Once an admirer of Hanson for what she had achieved and what she had been through as a result of her electoral success, Member for Kennedy Bob Katter said he is most wary of James Ashby and is critical of Hanson for abandoning WA One Nation senator Rod Culleton, no doubt on the advice of Ashby.

Bob Katter alert to Pauline of LNP spy in her camp

Katter says if Senator Culleton is thrown out of the senate over the loss of a $7 key then the Liberals and One Nation do not get to choose his replacement.

“It goes to the number two on the ballot who is a One Nation True Believer, not of the new, ‘James Ashby (Liberal) One Nation’ that we see today,” Mr Katter said.

“The staggering injustice of what has been done to Senator Culleton makes it legally impossible for him to defend himself… His tiny little pockets against the Government acting with the support of his One Nation party leadership.

“The President of the Senate with the support of One Nation has taken away Senator Culleton’s most basic rights to appeal by having his bank accounts frozen. They have effectively killed his ability to appeal.

“It’s clear now that while the Liberals could count on One Nation doing as they’re told on the four burning issues,

  1. For the ‘Bash up the workers’ bill (ACCC),
  2. For the  ‘Bash up the farmers’ bill (Backpacker’s Tax),
  3. For the Sale of Kidman to Gina Rinehart and Shanghai CRED,
  4. Failure to push for a Royal Commission into the banking industry.

“Senator Culleton has been a vote we can count on for these four key heartland issues.”

Hanson and Ashby so far have refused to talk to Katter but this rejection will prove to be the Achilles heel of One Nation in Queensland.

They do not realise that the culmination of ten years hard work by Katter has effectively torn down the bona fides of the two party system of government.

He has been relentless in his campaign to show up the many faults of duopoly policies such as free trade, exporting manufacturing overseas, asset sales, foreign ownership and now he will introduce a mirror bill to the Trump-styled visa ban on Muslims entering Australia at the February sittings of Federal Parliament.

Hanson owes her resurgence to the tremendous wakeup call engendered by Bob Katter and State Members Robbie Katter and Shane Knuth.

Katter Jnr and Knuth have done a tremendous job in holding the balance of power according to retired, three- term, One Nation MP Rosa Lee Long of Atherton, FNQ.

“They have shown what can be done for their electorates by having this power,” Ms Lee Long said.

This week Shane Knuth rejected any possibility of him shifting his allegiance to Pauline Hanson, in spite of three LNP members jumping ship.

Last year Hanson promised KAP that One Nation would not run against either state member.

It remains to be seen if Ashby will support Hanson on her pledge.

The duo will soon discover that Katters Australia Party preferences will be essential to win seats north of Brisbane.

Similarly there are northern seats KAP could win with the aid of One Nation preferences.

Unless the KAP and One Nation get together to keep the main parties out of Queensland, Ashby by design will allow the Liberals to take government with the aid of One Nation preferences.

A definitive investigation by contributing independent journalists writing for SOS NEWS has added to the ‘Ashbygate’ crisis that seems set to derail Pauline Hanson and her now lifelong quest to get the country back on track.

Outsiders looking in believe Pauline is again doomed to disaster if Ashby continues on his past and present form and as such we present a more detailed analysis of why party members should remove Ashby from his role as the only advisor to Pauline Hanson.

Pauline reiterates she is her own person. Then she should demonstrate it.

Pauline resuming total command  then YES she is our Trump card – Doomed  to oblivion if  the mole Ashby’s sabotage agenda remains.

An historic overview

Information and links below will assist One Nation members to make an informed decision concerning James Hunter Ashby’s absolute control of the party and Pauline Hanson to his hidden agenda


What was the plot? When did it start? Who was in it? And who covered up?

The answers to the first two questions are a) To overthrow a duly elected Government; and b) it crystallised at Christmas 2011.

Who was in it? Start with the names we are familiar with – Ashby, Brough and Doane. 

Required reading –https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/ashbygate-emerging,5635


Independent Australia political correspondent Dr Martin Hirst,  asked a number of cross bench senators and (would be Senator)Ashby how they would react to a reborn Tony Abbott-led government.

Ashby responded with insult, abuse and profanities:

“I have no interest in talking to you fuckheads.”

Ashby resigned from radio NXFM Newcastle after he was charged with verbally harassing another radio presenter at rival station, NEW FM. It was alleged that Ashby made four offensive phone calls. He received a $2060 fine and a three-year good behaviour bond as punishment.

Ashby made allegations he was sexually harassed by Federal MP Peter Slipper in 2012 while working as his media advisor, claiming he was the victim of unwanted sexual advances.

The Federal Court dismissed the allegations however Ashby won an appeal against the decision, then on June 2014, decided to drop the lawsuit entirely, less than two weeks before it was due to commence.

Drawing criticism from politicians over investigations of sexual harassment, Ashby’s lawyers lodged a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission to censure Senator Bob Carr for tweeting, “their client seems more rehearsed than a Kabuki actor.” and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, not widely known for sharing his intelligent views on politics, stating: “Ashby is only slightly less-dodgy than Slipper.”

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