Capilano Honey serious health issue attempt cover up by litigating whistleblowers

BREAKIN NEWS TODAY:  Kangaroo Courts of Australia blog publisher Shane Dowling’s investigation into health issues at Capilano Honey has now confirmed a cover-up from Government, CHOICE Magazine, and Capilano Honey management.

Shane Dowling quotes, “The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) has stated that it “is not aware of any herbicide testing of honey undertaken by Capilano” in response to questions that I emailed them. The statement totally discredits the false and misleading media releases that Capilano Honey has issued saying they extensively test their honey and denying allegations that Capilano sells poisonous and toxic honey.

This extract from an email received by Shane is damning to food security;

The department’s National Residue Survey does not undertake glyphosate testing of Australian honey. The NRS is not aware of any herbicide testing of honey undertaken by Capilano.

 You can read Shane’s report in full from this link to Kangaroo Courts blog –  [CLICK HERE]


Out Initial Story sent in our “AussieWatch”newsletter last week …

ben-mckee-ceo-capilano-honeyCapilano Honey and their CEO Ben McKee instituted frivolous and vexatious defamation proceedings against whistleblower and consumer activist Simon Mulvany in February 2016 because he wrote about the health and safety dangers of Capilano Honey.

Shane Dowling, Kangaroo Courts Australia blog editor, publishing his findings that also attracted the defamation brigade from Capilano Honey. Their court gag orders and removal of his blog pages exposing the Capilano companies disregard to alleged health issue with their product.

Shane’s latest publication Capilano’s litigation has stalled. Amazing is that CEO Ben McKee directly contacted Simon Mulvany instead of his lawyers while their defamation litigation is still before the court, stating;

“How would you feel if there was a product recall of Australian honey in the next few months because it is a possibility “

This email Shane Dowling sent to Capilano Honey remains unanswered.

From: Shane Dowling
Sent: Wednesday, 26 October 2016 11:25 PM
Subject: Interrogatories – Capilano & Anor v Dowling – NSW Supreme Court

Dear Mr McKee and Capilano Honey

I would like you to answer the following Interrogatories:

Is the imported irradiated pollen from China that is fed to Australian bees that make honey sold to Capilano adequately tested when it enters the country?
Will the origin of the pollen come up in testing facilities?
Has any Manuka honey tested shown traces of country of origin other than NZ or Australia when tested?
Does overseas ingredients in Australian honey effect Australia’s credibility as an exporter?
What have you done about the widespread use of illegally obtained antibiotics on bees in the Australian industry? If you have done nothing, then why have you done nothing?
Are beekeepers showing vet certificates to Capilano when they are treating their bees with antibiotics.
Has Capilano Honey or anyone been testing Capilano Honey for the weed killer/herbicide Glyphosate (Roundup)?

Can you please respond to the above questions ASAP as I may have follow-up questions.


Shane Dowling

Read the full story with links to previous stories at Kangaroo Courts Australia blog: [HERE]

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