Government constitution manipulation exposure Interview revisited

“Your are now on notice Canberra”

With the Trump USA invasion demolishing American’s decades of establishment control over the people, Australia now moves into a Trump attack mode of their duopoly establishment dictatorship. This audio revisits an interview by SOS-NEWS Mal Davies with Wayne Glue, People’s Activist and self employed engineer, in March 24th 2013 revealing factual information to inspire activist and inform concerned voters just how the duopoly controls your life.

Wayne over many years uncovered concerning government manipulation of the system set in place at federation under a commonwealth constitution for the people with protection from politicians taking control. This constitution has been ignored by the two party system ALP and LNP.

Wayne covers massive infringements within the Australia Act, our Constitution, illegal local government also explains his court action challenging the Attorney Generals Office authority plus the courts.

Time now to get off your backsides. Plan your contribution to voting out the duopoly juggernaut as Americans have done making today your start to reclaiming back your country stolen by decades of planned engineered political manipulation.

Play the audio ……

Be sure to forward this link far and wide to inform the people.  Spread the word,  ask question of your local member of parliament you have gleaned from listening to this damning information recorded interview.

Politicians are guarded by taxpayer funded public servants from all difficult questions they have been asked many times before that are contained in an FUQ (Frequently Unanswered Questions) file.

Make it clear to these gatekeepers, People Power now is very capable of terminating any political lifestyle. It is a very brave public servant, or elected politician, also a public servant, to dismis any constituents questions without a positive answer.

Let the games begin

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