Donald Trumps Clinton

World establishments pushing Clinton’s barrow to shore up against the people voting assault on the strangle holding governing and corporations unchallenged, are wear egg on their faces as people power removed the problem.

President elect Donald Trump now will rattle cages of the entrenched American establishments while delivering hope to those countries likewise under controlling governments dictatorial ruling to maintain power at the expense of the people feeding their greed unhindered by constitutions or any accountability.

So called expert pollsters, media flunkies with prediction guru’s dismissing people power supporting Donald Trump who annihilate their predicted win for the establishment Clinton machine.

Prime Minister Turnbull gracious back down as reality of people power wiped the smile off his Clinton supporting face.  Shorten’s ALP egg spattered face loaded the bullshit he is accredited for. Let us not forget the massive Trump dislike from media supporting their political master still refuse defeat of their rehearsed prediction.

Juilie Bishop, foreign affairs minister delivered her expected el-toro-excreta from this master of corruption as she runs with the fox and hunts with the hounds.

Pauline Hanson with her One Nation senators are ecstatic for Trump’s win for the people of America against the establishment as her party numbers swell daily supporting the return of the peoples voice to their parliament currently under duopoly stiffening control.

A very clear message to Turnbull, Shorten and the Green decades of dictatorship – “your historic credibility has removed any defense of change.  Expect a massive political revolution from the silenced people following Americans demolition of their controlling establishment”. 

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