Who are the criminals in Canberra?

Crossbenchers controlling an incumbent power based parliament saw the united duopoly circling wagons moving their damage control machine into gear.

This duopoly people controlling government system will only remain if both LNP and Labor party sustain their allegiance defending any form of attack to their power base.  That attack is now stemming from a swelling allegiance of duopoly disenchanted electing independents who are returning their voice to parliament.

First casualty to the independent was the resignation of independent senator Day over renting his parliamentary office in a building he owned is facing bankruptcy due his failed building company.

Next is One Nation Rod Cullenton, who from his inaugural first question in parliament directed to liberal Attorney General Senator Brandis stated – “It has come to my attention that there is a discrepancy between Section 33 of the High Court Act 1979 which says all process shall (which means must) be issued in the name of the Queen and the High Court Rules 2004.  Why has the High Court felt free to defy the Parliament for 12 years?” rattled Brandis who with a knee jerk reaction referring it to the High Court who went into damage control deliberation.

Brandis then followed up by launching the High Court determination if One Nation Senator Rod Cullenton was eligible to be elected concerning a conviction for a larceny.  He was referring to a charge arising from when Cullenton was accused of stealing tow truck keys during an altercation with a driver at Guyra, in northern NSW, in 2014.  This conviction was delivered in his absence due to legal bungling, to which Magistrate Michael Holmes granted Cullenton an annulment stating it was “in the interests of justice”.  WOW!  such serious crime.

Investigations of allegations into serious crimes committed by federal politicians from corruption, collusion, plus millions of dollars being stolen that were swept under the carpet to maintain the status-quo duopoly strangle hold.  These unaccountable public servants remain under the “Peoples Court”microscope unsatisfied with that type of justice.  Royal Commissions never commence before government has carefully selected a compliant commissioner, terms of reference restrict fishing expeditions in the wrong pond, most importantly the commissioners findings and recommendations must adhere to the tailored outcome required.

Bill Shorten has escaped any adverse finding by the trade union royal commissioner Dyson Heydon but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull signalled his government’s intention to pursue the Opposition Leader over his union past, all the way to the next election and beyond.



Julia Gillard –  https://kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/2013/12/15/julia-gillard-one-step-closer-to-getting-away-with-the-awu-fraud-and-theft/

Bill Shorten’s Health Union associate Kimberley Kitching, a career Labor candidate loser with an obsession to enter parliament, is being parachuted into the upper house replacing retiring Senator Stephen Conroy.  She brings to the house her perjury, theft, bankruptcy and husband Andrew Landeryou whom she aided and abetted looting of the Health Union. – https://kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/2016/10/16/senator-kimberley-kitching-the-fraudster-and-thief-who-takes-federal-parliament-to-a-new-low/

A plethora of evidence may be found, we have chosen links to Shane Dowling’s detailed investigation from his Kangaroo Courts of Australia blog as a starting point.

Transparency and true democracy is not a consideration within the duopoly even as alarm bells are sounding a death knell alert.  Panic driven media spin suggesting they are now listening to the people is not being reflected in our parliament.

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