Labor & Greens vote against Lambie’s motion to investigate funding fraud

Crooks in your parliament nest together reflected by the Greens with Labor not supporting Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie who uncovered massive discrepancy of hundreds of millions of taxpayer money funding gone missing in Tasmania. When will these sleaze-bags be brought to account ??????

  Lambie’s win, is a win for 20,000 Indigenous Tasmanians

jacqui-lambieA couple of years ago I discovered that hundreds of millions of Commonwealth funds just wasn’t making it to the 26,000 Indigenous Tasmanians recognised by the Commonwealth.

This struck me as odd, so I asked some questions, and did some digging and found that while the Commonwealth recognised 26,000 Indigineous Tasmanians – and provided funding as such – yet the State Government only recognised 6000 Indigenous Tasmanians.

Where were the hundreds of millions of dollars intended for the remaining 20,000 Tasmanians going – if not to support them?  How long has this discrepancy existed?

These questions will be answered in a Senate investigation, which will look into the alleged misuse of Commonwealth funds.

I was grateful for the support of the Liberal Party, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and the Nick Xenophon Team, but I was disappointed that both Labor and the Greens voted against my motion to establish this inquiry.

However, their opposition to my motion wasn’t that much of a shock, given that the confusion over the spending of at least $500 million in Commonwealth funds earmarked for Indigenous Tasmanians, happened mostly during the period that Tasmanian State Labor and Greens were joined in a coalition government – and ultimately responsible for the management of those funds.

The confusion surrounding the amount of Commonwealth funds that have been allocated to the State Government over the last 10 years must be cleared up – and will be through this Senate Inquiry.

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