Senator Kimberley Kitching – The fraudster and thief who takes federal parliament to a new low

Federal parliament reaches a new low with the appointment of fraudster, thief and former bankrupt Kimberley Kitching to replace the retiring Senator Stephen Conroy. Kitching is so disliked in her own party she has failed on at least 3 other attempts to become a federal politician and that was even with the support of Bill Shorten.

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you realise how bad things are and Kimberley Kitching’s appointment will help many voters realise how bad the Labor Party are under Bill Shorten’s leadership.

Bill Shorten says in relation to Kimberley Kitching “she’s been fighting for the rights of workers for a long time” when the reality is that she has helped steal millions of dollars from the Victorian Number 1 Branch of the Health Services Union (HSU), also known as the HWU, who are some of lowest paid workers in Australia. Kitching is the the new Craig Thomson of the federal Labor Party because like Thomson she stole from the HSU and like Thomason she will help destroy the Labor Party’s credibility at a federal level.

We’re getting 2 crooks for the price of one as her grubby husband Andrew Landeryou is guaranteed to land in Canberra and straight onto the public gravy train as one of Kitching’s advisors or office manager. Although the main thing Landeryou will be doing in Canberra is working out what scams to run to rip off the Australian public.

What makes Kimberley Kitching unique is that she is more despised in her own political party than the opposition.

Kimberley Kitching has a long criminal history. Some of her crimes are:

Read the full story by Shane Dowling of Kangaroo Courts Of Australia – [HERE]

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