Homeless Heroes abandoned by government who sent them to war

When you slip into your warm bed tonight,  over 100 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan wars will sleep rough in parks around Australia. Cold,  hungry and suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of service to their country, these brave veterans deserve better. They need a place to shower, to eat, to sleep and to talk to other veterans who understand what they are going through.  But where do they go? Sent to war by the very government who now ignores them at a time when our veterans need them most. Don’t remember our veterans just on Anzac Day, the 25th of April each year then abandon our service men and women for the next 364 days. Sign this petition to shame the government into setting up a veterans refuge in every capital city of Australia to help our hero veterans.  They deserve nothing less.

‘How can the government justify spending millions and millions on refugees yet forget those who were prepared to lay down their lives for the country they love??? Its simply wrong and every Australian should be up in arms about this injustice.

Sign this petition [HERE] NOW PLEASE!!!!!


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