Commissioner of Vege Soup

As RFS Commissioner KoperbergHow easy a headline can mislead the naive.  Minister “Fire Hose Phil” Koperberg is obviously glad to see his name in print extolling the virtues of environmental coercion.  After presiding over the biggest fire calamity to strike the Snowy Mountains in colonial history in this nation, this charred remainder of a NSW RFS fire Commissioner is now out there telling farmers the benefits of native vegetation reforms and ensuring compliance with the act by apparent bribery. 

I wonder if he has even read the Native Vegetation Act, an act that essentially deprives every farmer the right to withstand the onslaught of ever pervading woody weed infestation of their once productive pasture and forest lands and why wouldn’t struggling farmers come on board, the future can’t get much bleaker.

The NSW Vegetation Act, an ACT that delivers into the NSW brown shirt bureaucrat’s hands, power to equal that of Adolf’s thuggish minions of 1939 and given the Gwydir fiasco re the Hudson family vilification for clearing land that they allegedly received right and proper permission to conduct, we see the vege police plying their Gestapo traits.

Even when the DEC under Minister fire hose Phil Koperberg is on the ropes, he & co attempt to weasel their way clear of their dastardly Gestapo action upon the Hudson family by trying to use the local departmental staff as scapegoats by holding an investigation into this departments procedural handling of the matter.

Fire Hose PhilFire hose Phil has no credibility in vegetation protection unless it comes from NAFC (National Aerial Fire-fighting Centre) employed helicopters spewing water into the air in a vain effort to quell an unnecessary wildfire, so it is obvious he is just re-iterating the spew that has been regurgitated through the ranks of the environmentalist controlled bureaucracy that have an agenda to those, other than the farmers losing the battle.

Brumbyy With 2Ys

From the ABC  

500 take on sustainable farming scheme

The New South Wales Government says a scheme to reward farmers who protect native vegetation has received a high level of uptake and support.

The plan is part of the State Government’s native vegetation reforms, which aim to combat climate change and salinity.

NSW Environment Minister Phil Koperberg says more than 500 farmers have decided to participate in the program so far.

Mr Koperberg says the scheme is good for rural landscapes and the environment.

“Both the farmer improves the value of his or her property, whilst at the same time making a major contribution towards addressing climate change, carbon capture and indeed the increasingly serious salinity problem,” he said.

He says native vegetation helps maintain soil and water quality, and also provides a habitat for native animals.

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