Australia First Country To Begin Microchipping Its Public

Super human microchip technology under way

Historic prediction by George Orwell’s book 1984 that the people of the earth will be controlled by masters is alive and very well.


Shanti Korporaal

Microchipping humans now a reality, it does not coming from government people controllers, it is being marketed by Shanti Korporaal and her husband from Sydney with two implants inserted under her skin.

Targeting electronic gadgetry fanatics with easy access to devices, cars, door locks, etc, the venture looks to go viral without any thought of ramifications to the chip they have implanted.

Big brother could not happier, not only have they access to facebook to monitor Australians, now they will be able to increase their monitoring via self indulgent chippers from installed readers feeding the spooks databases.

Law enforcement has moved up another notch to advance people control for the masters in Canberra.

Read this article covering the microchipping in Australia [HERE]





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