Major Parties panic change voting rules as faithful electors join forces with the disenchanted


People and the party faithful now are wakening they are controlled by the major parties who are feeling this serious trend.

With battle lines being drawn in the Senate the major parties experiencing their power base being dismantled by senators out of their control zone has forced desperate action for survival at the coming election. Again they shift the goal posts by changing the rules to allow them preferential treatment on the senate ballot paper.

Liberal and Labor are allies when their decades of government dictatorship become threatened by the people.

The cross bencher’s represent people in parliament not party room agenda.

Attracting detrimental comments as defense from the threatened party room machines who control the stream of  bad press releases to substantiate their spin doctors fiction story tellers, the cross bench threat needs to be removed.

“If you play by their rules, you lose”

“Your rules apply on polling day, and they lose”

 Make the most of it.

Will you vote with the SHEEPLE or the PEOPLE ?


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