Seed Clouds and Retrieve Pollution

Silver Clouds, Dusty Shrouds

NSW DSE Director GeneralThe National Parks and Wildlife are quick to blame that which they know little about, yet constantly fail to address the real problems that affect our Snowy Mountains. Director General and CEO of the NSW -DSE, Lisa Corbyn (around $15,000 per week salary)

Amongst the weeds and feral animal problems, the fuel loads and the inability for water run-off due to excessive fuel loads, they now trot out another academic and blame cloud seeding for pollution of the high country with next to no evidence other than the typical touchy, touchy feel good green propaganda.

The truth is though, they may well be closer to the truth than they realise, but as per normal, really haven’t a clue as to why.

As the Snowy Hydro cloud seeding program brings more rain and snow to the mountains than would other wise perhaps have happened, there appears to have been a dramatic side effect.

That is, the washing from the sky of the drifting particulate pollution from South Australian and south western Victorian Industries.  The particulate smog that travels the jet streams and air lanes with the northern prevailing currents and in so doing, has for years inhibited the rainfall levels across the Snowy Mountains and western areas of Eastern Australia.

This particulate matter is not invisible, it is clearly identifiable from space and has been expertly identified in satellite photography, with science proving beyond a shadow of doubt that this climate damaging industrial particulate matter has had a dramatic effect on rainfall across all areas it is carried.  NASA themselves accept this cause and effect science bestowing accolades upon Proffessor Rosendal for his work.

Dr Ken Green from the story below might do well to enter into discussions with the many scientists who now understand this climate changing problem.  People who are obviously exponentially more able to open their minds to constructive scientific lateral thinking and hence able to consider real solutions to real problems.

The Snowy Mountains are not starved of rain and snow, nor has its lakes been polluted from man made CO2 climate change, or cloud seeding, but rather just shitty particulate pollution from the industrial behemoths of southern metropolises.

So while the Snowy Hydro attempts to get water to the most likely and highest points of Australia, in so attempting this admirable challenge, cloud seeding may in fact be causing a cocktail of chemical and particulate pollution spewed into the air in the name of commerce, to fall in the wilderness.

The simple. but politically untenable answer to this problem, is for all such industry to be gradually moved to the east coast of Australia and thereby deprive the prevailing nation wide blowing winds the ability to deposit particulate commercial waste across the pristine Snowy Mountains and much of western, east Australia.

One may also ask: Why is there a 300klm exclusion zone west of the alpine area disallowing any additional cloud seeding?  Especially given that 30 years of seeding have proven to be financially beneficial.  Too much water removed from the control of corporate hands perhaps, and/or too much particulate pollution sucked back down to earth?   Hmmmmmmmm, perhaps the likes of Michael Duffy should tackle this one?

Of course as far as the Greens and the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service are concerned, “Never let a good story stand in the way of the truth.”

The irony is, the Snowy Hydro is spending millions of dollars combating the airborne pollution of commercial industries in the south, whilst all eastern governments are ear marking billions more tax dollars trying to offset water shortages, while the simple answer to half the problem at least, is simply to relocate particulate spewing industries to the east coast coastline.  Alas, no votes here, no carbon credits to trade, no climate change to destroy farmers, no socialist ideals for the greenies to exploit and the corporate legal teams would cost more than Al Gore’s fanciful man made CO2 climate change charade.

Brumbyy With 2Ys

From the ABC

Snowy Hydro rejects cloud seeding pollution claim

October 12, 2007

Snowy Hydro is casting doubt on a study that blames cloud seeding for polluting New South Wales high country lakes.

National parks and wildlife ecologist Dr Ken Green has told a Jindabyne meeting that the $20 million cloud seeding trial might be linked to a big increase in ammonia levels in alpine waterways.

Dr Green says the increased ammonia had already caused algal blooms, high nutrient levels and changes in acidity.

But Snowy Hydro spokesman Paul Johnson says there is nothing to back up the claims.

“Snowy Hydro is yet to see any scientific basis or data in relation to those statements,” he said.

“I think you have to take that into account and understand in the absence of any reporting data these claims by Dr Green are not scientifically sound at the moment.”

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