Is Nathan Tinkler digging Malcolm Turnbull’s political grave?

Ignoring a decade plight of Hunter Valley farmers fight to halt coal mining and gas fraking of their prime agricultural land, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull now is at the coal face himself.

With his family farm, suggested under clouds of dust driven by prevailing winds 5 kilometres from Nathan Tinkler’s open cut venture at the underground Dartbrook coal mine, is more concern than the township of Aberdeen, next door to the mine.

SOS-NEWS being from advocates to mining prime food bowl agricultural lands, the power base of this concern stems from wealthy horse stud breeders backed by our ever arrogant Prime Minister making the bullets.

We will be following this battle front with interest comparing the plight of neighbouring Liverpool Plains farmers under siege from coal mining operations protected by government legislation,  many of those farmers fined trying to protect their properties.

Election now looms through a contrived fog of media polls drowning from that distinct stench of political corrupt arrogance previously tolerated, now challenged.

“King Malcolm” now sits upon a throne of thorns. Will he legislate, or will he capitulate, that is the question?

Deaths and disaster bestowed on farmers by government support of invasive coal and gas mining has been horrendous.

With uncontrolled internet outlets dwarfing establishment media, delivers the Vaucluse farming PM a political cross road.

What do you think he will do?


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