NSW candidate for Police Commissioner tell’s seniors to get off the road

NSW Police head of traffic John Hartley / Picture: Daniel Aarons

Career NSW cop John Hartley, with minister for capitulation Duncan Gay, have media attention they calculated confirming reality on roads does not add up to their bean counter statistics. Anywhere in NSW after a road tour for an hour will reveal dangerous drivers are not featuring experienced seniors. It will however reveal different stats in the real world to those agenda driven numbers dispensed by this taxpayer funded duo.

Persecution of “P” plater’s and Pensioners by public servants shades the problem that most behind the wheel believe they are great drivers, invincible, all encased in stainless steel.

NSW Minister for Roads Duncan Gay / Picture: Daniel Aarons

Hartley’s most likely going to be a candidate for Police Commissioner when Andrew Scipione goes,  so its a case of let’s get my name and face out there.  Not a great start Mr Hartley.

Your poor old boss Duncan Gay will have to hand in his drivers license very soon by the look of him and you can guarantee not to be too popular being some fool that can’t recognise how out of control so many non-seniors are behaving on NSW roads.


Harry Palmer

Picture by Daily Telegraph

Read the full Daily Telegraph story [HERE]



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