Malcolm’s machiavellian treachery and naked egotistical ambition

2016 has arrived! The holiday season is upon us, the sun is upon us and it feels good to be alive. Then suddenly Coup d’etat… reality strikes that could belong to any number of emerging African countries, comes the tale of Machiavellian treachery and naked egotistical ambition. Enter our new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in this election year.

The same thing happened to the previous administration. Australia now have a foretaste of the kind of ‘democratic’ republic that the Gillard, Turnbull and others of similar character, are so keen to implement, i.e. Thanks for voting Australians, but we’ll take it from here”.

Sadly, one can find no reason to trust the new Prime Minister or his fellow travelers.

Change is needed to protect citizens from these usurpation’s, by pretenders both present and in the future, but where will our protection come from?

We are in the hands of philistines.

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