Victorian CFA Needs another look

Last year SOS-NEWS conducted an inquiry into the CFA (Country Fire Authority),  we have video of a CFA Captain igniting a Tanker with a cigarette lighter.Now there have been replacements, but still these death traps are used, the same CEO Bibby is there,  and nothing more has been done to fix, or get rid of these inflamable trucks.The pictured above, is a test conducted by the CSIRO in NSW, about 2004, on a CFA Tanker, from which you see how effective this fibreglass is against fire. 

Yet Bibby claims the whole thing of fire truck being inflamable is rubbish.

There is also a report from Ralph Barraclough, Captain of the Licola CFA, when he testified to the federal government inquiry into the 2002 Victorian bushfire, that is damning against good old Phil Koperberg, and Len Foster, Chairman of the CFA.

We carried this further into Foster and Koperberg, then SOS-NEWS released their E-book, “Bushfire Bombers”, which poses the question that, after the book was published, all  still remains set well in place, but turning over twice the dollars.

Have a read, it gets right into the aircarft water bombing for bucks, and the manipulation of “section 44” to pass a bushfire cost over to the Federal Government, then volunteers, our yellow angels,  instaniously move from state government funded cheeze sandwiches, federal funded chicken and steaks, for their meals – and that is a fact.

Did you know that the NSW Rural Fires Service, last bushfire season (2006-7), spent around $70 MILLION on just aircarft water bombing? TAXPAYER $$$$$$

To visit the SOS-NEWS library and read up on the CFA – click here

To download “Bushfire Bombers” – click here

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