The developing world is very cunning in harvesting wealth from the west

Paris could well be seen as a redistribution centre for the wealth of the developed world as the developing world is very cunning in harvesting wealth from the west.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

The politically correct West, fall every time for the bleating of the Developing Nations, regarding the need for more dollar hand outs. However after almost 70 years of picking up the financial tab it is time to ween the Developing Nations off the Western Worlds udder. Money handed out on a plate, is not the elixir of their problems. At this stage in their development it is the more so the cause. It is also far too late in history to claim poverty due colonial exploitation.

The United Nations Resolution 1514 was a disgraceful mess. Decolonisation could have been effected other ways, which could have ensured the protection of lives, health and the necessaries of life. But the deliberation of that committee remained entirely and passively ignorant about the impact of the decolonisation methods proposed.

The policy was designed predominantly wanting to see the opportunity to grab the cruel uncivilised power energised by tribalism, an entire different and far more primitive system of government.

Sadly the General Assembly did not know tribalism and the tribes knew that fact and took advantage of it tribalism is cunning. This ability of tribalism to see advantage and strike is a phenomenon, civilisation has bred out of its culture, it is a called “being politicly correct”.

Also they – the General Assembly of the United Nations, did not have the experience to appreciate the possible destructive results of an affirmative vote. Nor did it have the interest as the UN Assembly based its targeted ideological requirements in such matters on its own lengthy Brundtland report called “Our Common Future” which was quite obviously a Socialist Organisations manifesto, as is the United Nations generally and the wealth distribution aspects of the West giving this Trillion Dollars to the developing world was exactly what the movement sought.

However the transfer was pursued, passed by the United Nations General Assembly through their ignorance or design of such matters and 4 years ago the developed world handed over the final amount totalling just on 1 trillion dollars since the passing of resolution 1514. All made in annual part payments. Not that payments have stopped, it, the 1 trillion dollars, is just a milestone in the giving….it is called cheque book aid.

The West keeps giving, not having the political will or, moral backbone, to stand up to the United Nations.

So where is all the money? Where is the development? Where is the human resource and capital infrastructure developed from those trillion dollars?

All gone – the money is all gone……Tribalism is a whole different phenomena and until the civilised world deals with it for what it is, the suffering, the wars the abuse, the exodus from the tribal nations to the West, will continue. It is said only about 6-8% of the 1 trillion dollars actually been used as effectively used as intended.

So the infrastructure and human resource development is none existent and the people are locked into perpetual servitude, poverty and primitive tribal conflict with often lost ancient roots as to the reasons for the conflict.

The decolonisation committee of the United Nations still roams the world at great cost entirely oblivious to the mess and the cost that is also the human cost – loss of life and suffering they have created and prevailed over. Regrettably the national tribalism now established locks nations into a time warp indefinitely….

The next phase of societal development – authoritarianism, is far more productive in that over time its people in irregular increments slowly and painfully ease through windows of opportunity for education and this along with growing amount of integration of ideas gradually brings forward a miraculous birth – that being a fledgling new democracy. This process is at speeds that always vary.

Some Nation’s achieve civilisation in a few hundred years some a great deal more time, however, in the past it took thousands of years as there was no model, no eves dropping, no comparisons and no encouragement where the moves could be made confidently, knowing the result would be what was sought.

This was the case with the current Western nations going from tribalism to civilisation it took thousands of years little was known as to the workings or institution of being civilised the Magna Carta being an example en route. Many Nations only arrived in the last few years from authoritarian rule. Many around the globe, even yet, have not taken that last step…..

If authoritarianism, is left alone long enough, they the emerging society will slowly shed the authoritarian leadership….it, authoritarianism, is a connecting bridge between tribalism and civilisation. But any politically correct interference from the so called politically correct ignorant civilised states will breathe destruction into those fledgling authoritarian states. It, that authoritarian society, then immediately reverts to tribalism and has to start all again.

Even now the struggle ideologically to oppress the masses is ongoing often in subtle, sinister ways, well after the civilised man has gone to sleep at the wheel, leaving the ship of state to run itself……in this situation liberty is still able to be subjugated.

The authoritarian state phenomena from a time period perspective, is the shortest of the 3 societal structures. The longest in the process to being civilised and beyond, is tribalism.

Jri Miah
The Blue Planet
JM 08 12 15 921


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