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Friday, 11 December 2015

USA is so locked in to its own embarrassed position of dismal Middle East failed policy and it persists on claiming any long term alliance with Assad is not on.OBAMA saving face.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

It has been suggested by the French that Assad can be used until the ISS is beaten then the long term plans for Syria will go ahead without Assad…

So use his influence while you can then out with him….

Well news for The US Administration and the Pentagon and that is the Tribes in Syria will not permit a peaceful time after Assad at this time in their history. They do not know it as that is the nature of tribes they the tribes are not ready unless the USA wants another Afghanistan, Iraq or Libyan mess.

Just how many times has the western world to be burnt by tribalism before they will recognise it is a phenomenon that is not a civilisation and it has to be treated for what it is.

How long will the West, led by the USA go blindly forward burying their head in the sand trying to save face for the massive and repetitive disasters throughout the entire middle east from Kabul to Morocco….

Not one Nation did they read correctly before them in a most ridicules, adolescent way, storming in like drunken sailors with more money and firepower than sense.

This global embarrassment went on and on, year after year and billions upon billions leaving behind an upheaval of lives, deaths and property and much needed infrastructure.

Their training program in Syria, for example cost one half a billion dollars and 2 solders were trained……yes that is Billions……..and the 2 that were trained, had not had field experience.

USA, swallow your pride go and talk to Assad and his army both Christian and Muslim components and get on with the job then after it is all over, get out, as Assad is quite capable of holding it all together once the so called power grabbing ambitions of the Arab spring has steamed off out of the hot blooded youth seeking power.

Then once USA have gone, Assad can conduct an election for all the decisions that are required, but that also is for Syria not for the USA to stick their nose in….

If and when democracy comes to Syria will not ever be determined by the USA, and that is how it should be. It has nothing to do with the USA.

Heavens, the USA cannot even control the mouth of Trump – why is it half way around the world trying to prove its manhood against Assad and Putin.

In this case Assad and Putin are way in front. If it was not for the Assad Putin dialogue what would the Syrian war look like now. Isis would be even deeper into the Syrian belly and Turkey would be further up to their necks in the most lucrative opportunistic sideline pickings……

It would be correct to say that Pentagon has no experts on tribalism or its role in societal structures or understanding its – tribalism’s, management capacity and methods, as an institution.

Yet for over 10 years they have waged war probably the most expansive in history throughout the entire Middle East and Mediterranean and not even realised the tribes encountered were completely misunderstood and still are……The Pentagon has no Tribal Department yet it is the enemy comprising the entire zone of engagement. Then they wonder why they scratch their head wondering why they are not succeeding.

A person – a leader like Yasser Arafat could have been communicated with but alas he was never recognised as being a tribal leader…….but was continually judged by Western civilised and strategic standards and subsequent apparent depraved morality in regards to the leadership qualities he presented in a civilised assessment. But tribally he was a Giant…..

As was the former US appointed head of Afghanistan, a tribal man of mark.

Why are these persons and in these cases the 2 presented leaders not recognised for what they are – as tribal leaders. Then their entire process of thinking, needs, priorities, pressures, morals, are entirely different.

Tribally recognised and understood they able to be accurately assessed that being with entirely different set of values, pressures – they being pressures of very real obligations, sometimes these pressures are life and death matters, they are so compelling and objectives different than those responding to the pressures projected in civilised society.

That does not mean these processes are wrong just culturally different. The entire concept of right and wrong in the West are also entirely different. Yet for those not a student of those related institutions it is mysteries and culturally confronting. Often out right incomprehensible. Hence entirely misunderstood and responded to, entirely inappropriately.

As once said to the policeman when asked why he – the policemen, did not stop the man cruelly raping the woman. The response of the policeman was, “but it is the man’s wife”!

Or the man not wanting to bail out his son from the jail, the son being charged for stealing a cow and he the father saying hesitatingly, “But I told him not to get caught”!

The failure to recognise the significants of this tribal phenomena, is profoundly compromising to the entire outcome of the event and extremely confounding to all aspects of the matter. If there are many tribal parties / leaders involved on the same political or battle front /equation this problem is further confounded.

Jri Miah
The Blue Planet
JM 11 12 15 908

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